This Just In: Kate Upton's Boobs Have Been Officially Declared To Be A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Well, it was a unanimous decision that was based upon their breathtakingly awesome natural beauty, to be added to the list of attractions to be preserved in their pristine, unspoiled state for all peoples of the earth to enjoy and admire for all time... Judge for yourself:


Will we ever see them in their unadorned, natural glory, as in Playboy? One can only hope...     

OMG, the rest of her ain't bad either !!!!! Take a gander at this, if you dare (WARNING: VERY HOT):


It has come to my attention that this goddess, who seems to me in some ways to be a new, fair-haired incarnation of the sultry and unforgettable Cindy Crawford (she even has that cute little mole thing going on near her upper lip), made an appearance as herself on SNL, showing off her incredible cleavage. Here's a screenshot:

The woman is simply awesome, what can I say?

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3 Responses May 11, 2012

OMG I think she is sooo beautiful and hot damn what I wouldn't give to get my mouth on those beauty's soooo fine !!!

Plus shes curvy I like a woman thats has them not these models thats straight like a boy rock Kate

I hear ya bro... ;-)

Wow shes got curves!

Hi Bo... hmmm, Holly Webber? i'll have to check her out, but she couldn't be hotter than Kate...