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Many Year's ago I decided I had to accept what I have, " a three inch penis when erect". It now actually turn's me on when women who see it do a double take. because of that I decided to try my hand at being a "Life Model", what an amazing experience. The first time was at an art college, it had a mixed class ranging from around 18 to 30 Year's old, also a very sexy blond tutor aged about 35. When I arrived I was sent to a room to get changed, and then returned to the class wearing just a robe, I then had to stand on a small stage in the middle of the room and ***** naked, as I removed my robe I kept looking at the tutors eye's to see what her reaction would be, and yes she did a double take, first at my tiny penis, "it was quite cold in the room, so about 2 inches" then at me, then back at my penis; I could also hear a couple of muffled laugh's coming from the student's. The tutor then got me do do several different type's of poses for the class, so I was revealed from every angle. Also when it was over the class put their drawing's up for the tutor to comment on, I was also able to look at them, strangely all the guy's in the class drew a much bigger penis than I had, "they probably felt sorry for me", but the girl's drew it how it was, pickled walnut spring's to mind. I still do life modeling, but nothing has ever approached the turn-on from my first time of being stark naked in a room of young women, but I do always find stripping of an extremely erotic experience, and I love the reaction on the girl's faces when they look at each other and giggle. So ask me any question you want about my penis size, I will be pleased to respond to you. Rob
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I once went as a guest to a Nudist 'camp' with an older woman friend of mine.
Her hubby & son are hung,big flaccid penises which are way bigger soft than mine hard!

Add please

Do you ever get an erection posing? I probably would..

wow... it sure took balls to do that... i am proud of you

Thank you, I probably spend too much time going over it in my head. I have actually done Life Modelling on eight separate occasion's now, each one different, always a reaction to my size, which I always find a huge turn-on, "not that the student's know", but never quite the same as the first time, that was a huge buzz, you should try it lol.<br />