Girls Who Are In A Long Distance Relationship And Making It Work...?

So I am in a distance relationship for a year and a half. Every time my bf leaves I get very sad and feel even empty sometimes (the first week especially). I get the feeling that my sister and my other friends just can't understand this situation and I thought it would be great to have a girl around my age (I am 23) who is in the same situation so we can talk and support each other.
I don't have a girl best friend so I really just need someone who can understand and become my friend and who feels the same way.
I am just looking for girls because I think we can understand each other craziness better :P
And I think it would be great to have another girl who I can help out when things get hard and who can does the same for me :)
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I need advice! I'm going to be in a long distance relationship soon, my boyfriend is leaving in the 16 of this month 3, because of college.

I have been in a long distancish relationship for 8+ years now. I still cry when I have to tell him goodbye and still get mad when ppl say don't worry you will see him again. For the sad truth is we never know if we will see our love again. What has worked for us this long is we talk once a week, every week at the same time on the same day and this is our time we don't let others interrupt. We have deemed it our 'date night'. keep it up and remember others go through it too.

Hi I'm 19 and I am a freshmen in college. I left my boyfriend at home and even though its only 7 hours it feels like I might as well be in China. I've only really seen him a couple times since fall. I don't have any friends who I feel comfortable discussing it with. I always feel like saying anything is just being ungrateful that I have someone in my life. I know that empty feeling well. I'd love to talk:)

I am in a long distance relationship for 3 years now. We get to see each other twice in a year. It is sometimes hard but he is definitely worth it.
Will be closing this distance next year :))