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Randy, work-busy, but if you share a city and state, i'll seek out a camera place and try to get back within a few days will all the help I can give you.

I confirm Panda's commentary on seeing auras, although I have not "seen" with my naked eye, personally, but there are others that fully support his written "observations."  Remember, however, that such "extra" vision creates a "burden" for you that goes with the "priviledge", since you have to continually deal with extra information you might rather not want in your field of vision down the road.  In similar like fashion...are people that keep having dreams that forecast bad news, complicated plots to decipher them day after day, etc.  It is not all a picnic for them, and you don't want to be a slave when truth should make you free.  Some of these Psychics are a serious mess of turmoil inside.  My focus is on the scientific elements, and than join that with the God of the Bible. and keep it simple.   

Which leads right into your other concern...flaky and off-the-wall types that cannot function in the real world, that act like they are on LSD without taking any, emotional wrecks, or people that are so out of focus with the tangible earth, that they cannot relate to it anymore.  Folks that could never hold a job so they fell into this to look responsible, or sought power and respect they could not get otherwise.  Most of us need to pay bills and for this reason, I'd embrace in the store... the camera, nearly all of the music, crystals and stones if you are drawn to them (beauty, scientific health, gifts) and do NOT embrace idols, animal god statues, egyptian goddesses, chants, spells, good and bad luck crap, tarot cards, ouija boards, conversations with spirits or the "dead" voodoo and juju, dark subjects, etc...and complicated items that either cause a big headache or complicate your life that are found in the very same store.  For this reason, getting the photos and not getting the fortune telling or hustled into something more expensive is good solid advice.  If your aura is not violet, there are honorable fundamentals and purposes for all the other colors, and the reason for the photo is to (1)check your health(2)find your purpose, gifts, and align a good path for your purpose in life.  The Aura approximates how an angel would see you, because you have a Soul and Spirit burning inside you.  If you share an email, I can send an excel attachment of about 30 aura photo samples, including the two that own the camera.  I'm finding yellow the most common color.  Greens, Aquas, Blues...the next. 

I took two photos spaced apart by time and in the other photo, I wore over a pound of Jade in huge nuggets the size of walnuts on a necklace under my golf-collar type shirt.  The only change was the Jade was picked up powerfully, like the shining of the sun coming out of my shirt in yellow, stronger where skin was showing in the v-collar. (like a V on fire)  The red-scarlet center, violet top, & and dark blue fringe on very top were all just a tad brighter due to the necklace energy, but the basic aura arrangement was UNCHANGED.  The vibrational energy of stones is simply scientific, (all stones of all kinds have some low vibrational energy) and Quartz has long been used in radios and now watches for that reason.  They amplify your internal energy, as does music, heat, and light.

Remember what I said about Science vs. Sorcery.  Yes, there are some un-worthwhile people in this.  More than not.  You must pick the 20% good and leave the bad in the bucket.  I also found out that just because the camera is in one store does not mean that the people that can interpret your aura the best happen to be there too.   Again, this is taking the truth and flushing the rest, and weighing all sources carefully.  The Aura and the Camera are real, and I confirmed the energy of stones with it to show the photo changes.  J.

jimbob1128 jimbob1128
Mar 30, 2009