Discoved Vit D Deficiency By Accident Not Becase I Was Feeling Bad

The only reason I even found out about my levels was that my husband had to have his tested and they put him on Vitamin D so when it came time for my caliphs for the heck of it I asked the PA to have mine tested too. Well I am at a real puzzle as my Vit D tested at 8 so the PA put me on 4000 units a day, then 3 months later tested at 18 still too low so now the doctor is putting me on 50.000 units a week for 1 month and then blood test again. What is puzzling is that I have NO symptoms, I feel great, walk daily, very active no pains or whatever, physical this year very good, do not have any health problems or take any meds for b/p, cholesterol etc- my worry is if I feel so good now what will happen when I start taking the large dose, scary for me but for sure I do not have enough Vit D so I start on Thur and hope that I do not start to feel bad due to taking it.
catcv catcv
Sep 5, 2012