I have 4 deficiencies total.. D, so far is the worst! I cannot stand for more than 2 minutes, write more than 2 sentences.. I'm dizzy and exhausted and can't function.. HELP!! Dr put me on 4,000 of D a day. But I upped it myself after reading a lot. I'm on 8,000 a day along with Iron, Magnesium, B12 & C. Also occasional Biotin. I Feel horrible!
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That's horrible Joy.
It may take a while before your serum levels are up again. Try sitting in the sun (!), but even though you're feeling bad, don't overdo it! Your body is build to acquire 90% of the vitamin D from sun exposure. In order for Vitamin D to be synthesized in the skin, we need UV B rays and these rays do NOT pass through (most) glass. So sit outside whenever possible for short periods of time (depending on your skin color), and don;t overdo it because of the risk of skin cancer. Hope you feel better soon!

Take care !

I just found out today that I am have a vitamin D deficiency. I am not sure how I have kept my job but thanks to that job I have insurance and have also found a good doctor to help me figure out what is wrong with me. While at work I am doing something I have probably done a thousand times before I have to stop because I am not too clear on what step is next and have to stop and think. I often play this off as though I am trying to find more information but it is frustrating having to hide this disability.

Before this I had tried to exercise and it worked for like two days but then the fatigue got so bad i started to feel sick, almost nauseous. So I had to stop working out and I started resting even more.

Now I am kinda relieved that after 13 years there might be some hope for me but then again this was only the first lab work that was done.

The doctor put me on 50,000 iu of Vitamin D taken 3 times a week with 600 mg of calcium for six weeks. After that I go in for a second lab test to see how I am doing. I had trouble finding just calcium so i got some that also has magnesium and zinc.

If your taking vitamin D on your you do need to be careful. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and stays in your system longer than the water soluble vitamins like B12 and C. Just do a search for Vitamin D toxicity.

Hope you feel better soon.