Do Ypur Bones Ever Stop Hurting?

About five months ago my doctor found I had low vitamin D after I told her my bones were hurting. I think it was about 18 on the blood test and it should be around 30? She put me on 50,000 IU of D per week for 3 months then I was retested and she just said it was close to normal and to take 2000 IU of over the counter D for 1 month and then down to 1000 IU after that. What I'm wondering about is do your bones ever stop hurting? Mine are actually worse now. Recently my hips have started hurting so bad I can hardly go up or down stairs. I'm only 53 but feel about 90. I can't seem to find anything on line to tell me if I'll get better. Has anyone gone through this?

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Hi I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency in October last year my GP prescribed me 40000 units a month for 10 month I am in too my 5 month I get pains in my ribs and arms but its not too bad until a couple of days before and after I am due to take my tablets does anyone else get this I also get heart palpitations and are very stressed out

Thank u so much for this story. This is exactly what I have been going through . And I am not able to get insurance and I am also 55 yrs old so this info has been very helpful to me. I needed to know the numbers of all
Sincerely , A

8th Oct 2012, I was tested, by my pain clinic Dr in UK, my tests have come back with B12 deficiency as well as Vitamin D being less than 7.5 nmol (<7.5)

I hurt all the time, I faint, pass out, extremely moody...but my Pain Clinic Dr says get in touch with my General Practitioner (GP).

I'm almost 42, and have Autism Spectrum one, not even my Carer are worried or fussed.

I am, I hate feeling this way.

Is there anyone in UK, who can tell my GP and support how serious this is for me?

They seem to be oblivious?
My tests were almost a month ago and nothing has been done by anyone?

I talk about Vit D only.

Your blood level is very, very low, and you may well have symptoms of Adult rickets, very painful in your bones. You should get your vitamin d level up to normal levels. It may take months . check your blood level every few months. Take a supplement of VIT D3 , 10, 000 units per day for 3 months , then drop down to 5000 units per day. If you are a person that weighs below 100 kg, then drop down to 4000 units per day. Then , After 6 months , have your vitamin d level checked. If it is below 100 nmol/litre ... ( European ) or 40 ng/ml ( US ) ,
then add more, go back to 10000 units per day for 2 months. Then Check again . You are aiming for 100 - 150 nmol/litre

Your aim is to get your blood level to 40 - 60 ng/ml US or 100 to 150 nmol/litre ( European ). That is the same ,. just different measurement units.

When you have bone pain like this , it is likely that you have osteomalacia, and to help return to normal , you must have a good diet , including plenty of calcium , i.e. , plenty of milk , or plenty of dark green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli. Without the calcium , you cannot rebuild your bones. !

The vitamin d , helps your body use the nutrients you give it , to build bones. Without those other nutrients , Vit D won't work . ! You need , plenty of protein as well, meat, eggs, etc.
In order to rebuild bones , you need to make them work a bit , i.e walk outdoors , in the sunshine if possible. Maybe more excersise with light weights in the gym ,. Start by getting your bone density up ... take the vit D , eat well, fresh veg and fruit.

It will take months to repair , because it took years to get into this state, Most people do not realise how important it is to get sunshine on their skin , which actually makes the vitamin D , just 20 mins per day , in the summer , around midday , makes about 20,000 units. If you block it out with sunscreen , you will become deficient. if you don't ever go out in the sun , then you will cause that deficiency.

Good luck. Your friend dave !

PS . At this non profit website, , you will find a lot of doctors discussing and giving information about this . Have a really good look round.

For me it began when I could not stand for longer than 15 seconds at a time. Coudn't go up or down stairs. the pain in my legs was the worst pain i had ever experienced. Couldn't sleep because every time I'd turn the pain would wake me up. Blood test showed leve 16. Dr. prescribed 50,000 units of Vitamin D for 4 weeks. Due to my congestive heart failure, I rarely go out in the summer. So Dr. also advised 35 minutes in the sun daily. That is where we are suppose to get our Vit. D. I think due to people's awareness regarding sunscreen, our bodies do not absorb enough. And if you a darker like I am, we need more than the 35 minutes. I got my number up to 27. Still in pain though not to the same degree. Massage helps greatly, but I can't afford it. Hopefully there is a loved one to give you a massage, especially before sleep. Now I'm taking 3000 units a day, it's been a month, I feel no difference.

I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency (my level was 19). Per my doctor I am taking 2000 i/u per day. I have been taking this supplement for only a week and I feel so much better already. I had been complaining of aches and pains and generally not feeling "right", but since I just turned 50, I thought maybe it was just to be expected as part of getting older. I work out 3-4 days per week (Zumba class, lift weights, bike), don't smoke, drink alcohol rarely, and eat a healthy diet. I went to my doctor for a physical examination, and the deficiency showed in my bloodwork. Moral of the story: It is sooo important to go to your doctor for a physical regularly. I was the type of person who only went to the doctor if I was sick. Thank God I only had a Vitamin D deficiency and not something worse. Screening for health issues is important before you're feeling sick!

Hello, I am 33 year old diabetic female. I was diagnotst with vitamin D deficiency in January 17th. My level is 7! I am on 10,000 UI everyday and will get tested end of April (not sure why long). <br />
I feel like a 90 year old woman. I can't sit for too long because my back starts to hurt (I mean really hurt). I can't stand for too long because my back and legs start to hurt. I can't walk for too long because my back and legs start to hurt. I can't lay down for too long because my back starts to hurt. Really? I mean, basically I can't do anything? I couldn't keep working, so i'm trying to get on disability. I don't go out anymore, because everything I do hurts. The pain is unbearable!!!! I can't enjoy anything and I am miserable! How long will this take? I know it's only been a month a 2 weeks.... but I'm worried that Iwill be like this for rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found this wonderful resource<br />
I'm currently (just started) on supplements at 3000 units daily, prescribed by doctor .<br />
Also, am spending 30 mins. before 10am daily in full sunshine, exposing legs, arms, decollete. <br />
Age 51 and my Vit D level was 14, and I'm looking to increase that to the recommended 75+. :)<br />
Cheers, Thea

I am 43, but feel 90 as well! My Vitamin D level is 13. I just took my first dose of 50,000 IU 2 days ago. I had read horror stories of vomiting and sickness from it. I have not had those symptoms thank goodness! I do feel achy and sore like I have been exercising too much, but so far that is it.<br />
I had gastric bypass surgery in 1998 and have an absorption issue. I suppose I will need to take this higher dosage for the rest of my life, I don't know yet. I think I have felt crappy for so long that I don't really know what normal is at this point. I sure hope that I can recognize the improvement because I am so discouraged! I have had testing for everything under the sun and everything comes back ok...except vitamin levels. Soooo I truly hope that by getting my levels up, I feel like a new person! If anyone has any updates on the outcome of the Viatmin D regimen.Good luck to us all!

I was tested and was 14 and managed to reach the level of 53. When I reached that level the Dr. put me on a maintance of 50,000 units of D once a month. After 3 months my level fell over 21 points. Now I am back on 50,000 per week. I may have to take this for the rest of my life. My body just can't maintain the level on its on. I am so tired, I hurt to the center of my bones, my memory is shot, I am depressed, My hair fell out, my vision is getting worse, I just don't care about anything. If I can get back up into the 50's or higher then I will be back to my old self. I am 59 and still have lots of life left in me. The 2,000 units per day is for someone who is healthly and doesn't need the high doses. that would be a maintance level so that maybe they wouldn't get the problem. The sun doesn't help me at all. It actually make me more tired. I have been fighting with this for 2 years now. Took my Dr. 4 months to find the problem. We will all beat this.

From what I've read, whenever someone has aches in joints or bones or both, it's an indication of Vitamin D deficiency. And after Vitamin D treatment, there's usually an improvement. If you're not feeling any improvement, your problem might be something else. <br />
<br />
And yes, Vitamin D helps with moods as well. Check this site out:<br />
<br />
Hope you feel better soon!

I can relate. My Vitamin D was just measured at 22 and normal is 30-70 (there is some debate but most agree anything under 20 is low) and there is also some variation depending on what test is used to measure it.<br />
<br />
I am 41 and have a long history of weight lifting and martial arts and was always active, but since I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever at age 35, I began to feel more and more like I was 10-20 years older. It got so bad recently that it would take 20 minutes or so to be able to loosen up enough in the morning from joint and muscle aches and stiffness to take a shower. It was all I could do to work a desk job and get home and sleep. When I did lift weights, it took a week to re-cover. After taking the first dose of 50,000IU I felt an almost immediate improvement. Aches and pains alleviated, I had energy, motivation - I felt 35 again. I will take the D for another 8 weeks and we'll see. If you are still hurting you might re-test D levels, they may be still too low, 30 might be normal but not high enough for you to fell good, and if their is an underlying cause of the deficiency that should be addressed. I do also suffer from depression and that can definitely have physical symptoms in the form of aches, pains and additional sensitivity to them. So far the Vitamin D supplementation has helped with this too. Best of luck!

Yes, I have the same problem but I'm 37 going on 90. I have recently started working, but some days it is so hard to get up. For years I was told it was Fibromyalgia, it was not explaining the severe pains in my joints and the swelling. My d level also was around 17. Do you ever have pain in your spine? That is where the pain is worst. This deficiency is killing my life, I have 3 boys and a husband that needs me. So if you can enlight my on anything to do please let me know.

I am wondering if you don't have a back problem.

I am wondering if you don't have a back problem.