Part I (slow Burn)

You've had a rough week, a couple actually. To much stress and not enough free time, we haven't got to talk much...let alone see each other. You need a break, but aren't one to just take one I decide it's time to help you with that.

I contact your friends at work, and your boss. Orchestrate a much needed 'mini-vacation'; they know you'll be gone and unreachable this weekend. They help distribute some of your work out so you can be free. I start on that friday morning with an innocent enough text..."You're going to have an amazing couple of days". Nothing else. You text back that you won't, you have to much work, etc. But I just text you to wait till you get to work.

You arrive a few minutes early...and find a large bouquet of flowers waiting on your desk. A small note attached, "Check your email". You do, hastily. The message from me is titled "See you tonight"....and attached is a story I wrote you before. One I know you love, that you've read several times before...but I know you'll read again. You try to call me, but I let it go to voicemail, and text you back "See you tonight". Throughout the day I send you texts, I know you can't respond at work...but you'll check them, that I'm sure of. They start simply enough; talking about your mesmerizing eyes, your smile, how you make me laugh....then a little more 'flirty', wanting to kiss you, your neck, holding you close.... Lunch break hits and you call me, multiple times, from your voicemails I know someone at work clued you in about having a 'free' weekend. That's fine, time for you to start thinking about it....let your mind wander about what's going to happen. I call you with five minutes left on your lunch, just enough time. You pepper me with questions, I selectively pick the ones to answer. Just enough info for you to know something is going on, but not enough to give anything away. I can tell you slightly pissed (the control freak in you) but also excited.

In the afternoon, I finish work early and rush home. Packing bags for both of us for the trip, selectively picking out things for a long weekend in colder climates. In between I setup things for our arrival tonight, and text you a bit more and more. "Do you have any idea what is going to happen tonight?" "Whatever shall we due tonight...all alone....together..." "Which outfit do you like better" (with a picture of a few pieces I know are your favorites) "What should you be wearing under it?" (with another few pieces picked out!) You start responding, at work....tsk tsk. Trying to figure things out. I gather from your messages you think that it's going to be a evening in...or maybe dinner out. How wrong you are.....

You surprise me by getting home before I expected....should have figured they would've let you out early. You come in the door as I'm putting the bags by the door. The look on your face amuses me....I see the mix of confusion, frustration, excitement... I simply stand there and smile as you take it all in. It takes you a few seconds, but you drop the stuff and cross the few steps to me in milliseconds. We embrace...Holding tightly, lips pressed together, kissing passionately, hands all over. You're trying to lead, wanting more...pulling on my clothes, nipping at my neck and ears, trying to get at my belt. I have to hold your wrists to get you to stop....I want it too, but not yet, tonight I have a plan for you.

I can tell your a good way. We have a couple hour drive to the cabin I've rented in the mountains, and the drive is going to be part of the fun. So with a little coaxing I get you out the door, bags in hand, and into the car. We've got a fun few hours of driving ahead, lots to talk about, and an amazing evening (and weekend) ahead....

To be continued....
RisenFromAshes RisenFromAshes
36-40, M
Nov 29, 2012