Part II (the Long Fuse)

There is nothing quite like having you wound up, and stuck in a car with me. It's 20 questions every step of the way, and it's driving you crazy. Every road we turn down, you ask why we're going this way...or are we going here, or there. I say nothing about the destination, instead I take the time to tease you as much as possible. Grazing your arm or leg (oh, I was reaching for something!), a squeeze on your thigh, stealing a kiss when you're not paying attention. Making your crazy by purposely driving the speed limit....after all we're in no rush, right?!

Out of town we hit the highway, and you've got an idea where we are heading. Only the mountains this way. But where? and why? So many questions....and I won't answer them. Got to make sure it's a surprise. It's just open highway now, and nothing else to give away our destination for awhile. You go quiet for a few minutes, looking at me. I should have known you'd try to turn the tables on me...but how else were we going to get there? You slide over in your seat towards me, I reach across and put my hand on your thigh....and that's all it takes. Soon your at my ear, purring into it....asking where we're going, what's going to happen. You hand is now on my thigh...and very, very high up. I try, half-heartedly I admit, to stop...or at least But you're kissing my ear, whispering into it, your hand moving higher.

I have to try to even the odds at least. With your movement, my hand is still on your thigh, but much higher now....and my arm is resting between your breasts. With your movements, it doesn't take much; my hand slightly higher to the apex of your legs, arm bent slightly. Now with every movement you make, to kiss me, rub're doing the same to yourself. You lean in and my hand rubs between your legs, and I can feel how warm you are already...meanwhile your breasts move and your nipples rub against my arm, and I can feel them growing hard...poking into me. We play this game for awhile, but the more aggressive your advances become, the more mine due to....and it's obviously distracting you. You try to maneuver around my arm, but to no fact the more you move the more access my hand has to you.

Finally I have my hand flush against're pants are thin, and I can feel how hot you are through them. It doesn't take much, slight pressure and the right position and my light strokes take on more meaning...more purpose. A few minutes and I can tell your losing concentration; you try to keep kissing me, rubbing me, but it's random now. Stopping for a several seconds while your breath becomes staggered, then you snap back with renewed fervor.

You've missed it....but we're already in the foothills, mountains looming in front of us. We're really close now....and a good thing. I don't think either of us can take much more. I decide to give you one more good tease. I give the car a quick shake, pretending we hit a icy spot. I give a fake "oh, ****" to cap off my ruse. You jolt upright, but then you do I firmly position my hand between your legs...and rub hard through you pants. I can feel how ready you are...your head lulls back for a second, enjoying the feeling. But you snap back a second later...realizing you've been played. I love the look you give me; part glare, part wildness of passion. Your breathing is very heavy, trying to fight the feelings of pleasure you have....but you can't. Your eyes close for a second, and then snap back open....the look more devilish this time.

We're pulling up to the main Lodge now, where we can check in, get our key, directions, etc. You unbuckle your belt and nearly leap across the space onto me as I pull in to park. You went for my neck first, but as soon as I slam it into park....we attack each other. I pull your face to mine, hand on the back of your head. Your hands are all over. Our kiss is rough, passionate, and wild; head rolling side to side, breathing fast and heavy.

Suddenly a loud KNOCK on my window. We snap back to reality to see a concierge for the Lodge standing outside my window, barely contained smirk on his face. I roll down the window, and he introduces himself. Of course he knows who I am....I set this up....granted I was a bit preoccupied when we arrived! He hands me the key, I sign the papers, and he give us quick directions to our cabin. Only a couple minutes away. I lock eyes with you...we both smile mischievously. "Have a GREAT weekend" is all I can hear as i roll up the window. We both laugh and whip out of the parking lot. You lean over again; but this time wrap your arms around mine, kiss my cheek and rest your head on my shoulder.

A minute later we arrive, just as a Lodge van is pulling away.....Guess they just got everything setup. Perfect timing....

To be continued....again.... lol
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*laughing* you're a worse tease than me. ;P

sorry…I got started and it went from a story to a novella! lol