Part III (the Final Spark)

The cabin is amazing....and calling it a 'cabin' is an understatement. Large wooden exterior with huge picture windows. Amazing vista of the the snow cover hills and mountains, stark forest, and frozen lake. A foot of snow covers the ground, but at the least the drive has been cleared.

I tell you to go in ahead, giving you the keys. As you make your way to the door I grab the bags. As I walk up the door is still open, you standing just inside. And once inside I can see why. They did an amazing job...stairs lead upstairs to the bedroom, kitchen to the left, but to the right.....A large 'family room' spreading out from the base of the stairs. Huge windows looking out on the amazing natural beauty. I can see a deck out french doors, and steam rising (well done guys!) through the windows. A very large stone fireplace, with a roaring fire already going. A few couches, a TV, and a table laid out with wine and munchies. One bottle of red is open to breathe, two glasses sit waiting.

You gaze around the cabin as I walk up behind you. I kiss you on the neck, your head rolling back, eyes closed. I drop the bags, and tell you the bedroom is upstairs if you want to change out of your work clothes. You look at me a second, give an odd half smile and walk up the stairs...disappearing out of sight. I head down and pour out two glasses of wine, checking to make sure everything setup. Outside I can see the hot tub is on, steam rising showing it's already warmed up.

"Oops, forgot my bag".... I turn around, and the glasses of wine I'm holding very nearly drop from my hands (along with me to my knees!). You stand at the top of the landing, arms stretched out along the banister, leaning over it slightly....completely nude. Except for that mischievous smile and shining eyes. I'm paralyzed...stunned by your beauty. You slowly walk down the stairs, eyes locked on mine, hand slowly trailing down the banister as you make your way down. My eyes take in every amazing inch of you...from your hair framing your angelic face (with a devilish grin!), perfect breasts bouncing slightly with every step, hips swaying-flashing glimpses of the small tattoo on your left side, toned dancers legs, and of course the treasure between your legs.

You walk straight to me, slowly...painfully slow. You reach me, still in my frozen state, and kiss me....softly. As you pull away all I can concentrate on is the taste of your lips (cherry?) and the scent of your perfume. You take a glass of wine from my hand and raise it up..."Cheers" is all you say. I somehow manage to raise my glass in toast. As we take a sip, you turn and slowly walk to the french doors. I can't help but look at your amazing ***, and you know it. You reach the doors, looking out at the quickly fading sun. Legs slightly crossed...leaning forward. "Ohhh, the hot tub looks nice"...You glance back, smiling...then open the door and head towards the hot tub.

I had control at one point, a plan set out....and it just evaporated. You have that power. Most times I would yield, but tonight is about I have to take it back. Grabbing the bottle of wine, I head outside after you. Your just entering the hot tub, and I have to watch. Slowly you disappear into the bubbling waters, until your covered mid-chest. You spin around and find the bench to sit on. Sipping your wine, I realize again how much I've lost control. Fully clothed, I sit the bottle beside the tub and start to undress. That devilish grin spreads back across your face as I my clothes start to come off. You **** your head to the side, eyes rolling up and to the side...feigning disinterest...but your glances back give you away your true feelings.

Finally ******** bare, I set up and enter the hot tub. You maintain eye I get in across from you. I purposely sit across from you, trying best to meet your devilish grin with my own. We sip our wine, legs rubbing beneath the waves, sitting in a comfortable silence. I see you roll your head back enjoying the water, when a slight grimace flashes across your face. I know you've been stressed and tense, so I slide over beside you setting my glass down as I go. Your eyes open with me now beside you. You try to turn towards me, but my hands go to your shoulders. "Relax" I slowly rub and kneed your neck and shoulders, but the positioning makes it difficult. Instead I pick you up, and place you on my me room to massage you from your neck down to your lower back, shoulders down your arms. I can feel you relax and your muscles loosen up, tension melting away. You finally lean back against me

You finally lean back against me, and I slide your hips back onto my lap. I grab the bottle and fill our glasses with the rest. You sit slightly crossed on my lap, arms around each other...sipping our wine...kissing. The wine goes quickly, and the alcohol and heat of the tub makes the buzz grow quickly. I set my glass aside, and focus my attention (and hands) on you. I shift you on my lap, so your back is against my legs fall open around mine. Your head falls back onto my shoulder, exposing your neck and ear to me. I wrap my arms around your waist, and dive into your neck. Kissing and nibbling exactly where I know will drive you crazy. I move up to your ear, whispering in it, before lightly sucking on your ear lobe, teeth lightly grazing. I can feel your breathing change, and then I hear a slight moan. I let my arms loose, and my hands to roam your body. My left snakes across you, lightly scratching and tracing along your stomach to your right hip...up your rib cage and then back down. My right pulls from you left hip across and down, coming ever so close to you, before I tease down your right leg. As I move my hands around, I feel your breath stop in anticipation every time I come close...that this time I'll finally touch you there.

I feel you moving your hips, grinding against me. You still hold you wine in you left hand, moving it...obvious you don't know what to do with it. Your right moves back and forth, trying to guide my hands....but with my alternating movements, you can't seem to ever catch them. Your motions of your hips become more forceful, and you can feel me growing...and pushing against you. Your breath is shallow and fast again, back arching more as my bites and kisses on your neck and ears grow in intensity. Finally, and simultaneously, my hands go there. My left hand up and around you breast, thumb rolling your nipple. My right dives between you legs, hand wrapped covering you. My middle finger separating you opening, sliding inside you, top of the finger putting pressure on your ****. With every movement, my finger rubs you up and down, adding and subtracting pressure, but for every bit it takes away from your **** adds to the depth of it's penetration.

It doesn't take you long...a days worth of build up can do that. The motion of my two hands in unison, the feelings of both together, along with my constant action on your neck...makes you *** faster than I thought. A sudden rough tensing of your muscles, a loud stuttering breath, and finally a full body spasm.
I slow my motions, let you relax...and catch your breath.

I want to keep going, I know you could....but its time to move inside. You realize it too. You kill the glass of wine your still holding onto, and spin around...setting it aside. Your arms go around my neck, and you kiss me hard and passionately. As I move my arms around your hips, you pull away and slide you hands down my chest...using both hands to grab a hold of me, slowly stroking me. You teasingly break our kiss, and look me in the eye...smiling. You stand up, water dripping off the top half of your amazing naked body....and slowly, very slowly, climb out of the hot tub. "Hmmm, no towels" you say, glancing over your shoulder at me as you walk back inside. After snapping out of my mesmerized state, I follow after....Into the cabin, closing the door....and following you towards the fire.... be continued....again.....
RisenFromAshes RisenFromAshes
36-40, M
Nov 30, 2012