Part Iv (explosion)

I close the door and watch you walk over to the blanket laid out in front of the fire place. Water drops roll down you body, hugging every splendid curve. The light of the fire causing them to shimmer as they fall...drawing me even further in. I follow you across the floor, watching as you stop in front of the fire. As I approach you slowly turn to face me. Again I get the glorious sight of seeing you fully exposed before me; stunningly beautiful. I've tried to take it slow following you, but seeing you like this...the last few steps are hurried. As I reach you, we crush into each other. Our arms wrap tightly around each other, lips pressed hard together. My hands go to your ***, pulling your hips in tightly to mine...letting you can feel how hard I am.

You place your hands on my chest and softly push me away, breaking our kiss. You stare into my eyes, bitting your lower lip on the right side....devilish smile returning. Your hands to to my biceps, slowly pushing out when you reach my elbows, breaking my hold on you. Your hands travel down to my wrists, grabbing a hold of them. You lean in and kiss me, lightly bitting my lower lip as you pull away. Looking into my eyes, I see you descend...planting kisses on my chest and stomach as you keep your gazed locked on me. Only when you reach your knees to you break eye contact with me, as you slowly take me into your mouth. As you slowly start to move up and down, my hands instinctively want to move to you head, run my fingers in your hair. But as I start to move my hands toward you, your grip on my wrists tighten....holding them away.

It doesn't take long before my hips are moving in time with the motion of your head. I keep trying to move my hands, but every movement is met by a playful push back from your grasp on them. Alternating between my eyes closed (or more like rolled back into my head) and watching you perform, I see you look back up and me....locking eyes for several seconds. After which you proceed with a renewed vigor, causing me to gasp. It only takes you a few minutes, but I can feel that familiar sensation building from deep inside me.

I try to break away, but you must have figured I would...I try to step back, but you pull me forward yanking on my wrists. I eventually have to nearly wrench my hands free to step away and compose myself. I take a second, and look back at you. Kneeling, but leaning to the right now...head cocked to the side, hair hanging away from your face. A smile on your face, eyes shining brightly.
You look so beautiful, fire roaring behind you throwing a orange glow over your still shimmering skin.

I'm quickly back to you, dropping to my knees beside you. My lips press to yours, kissing you wildly as I guide you back to the floor. Your arms go around my neck as I position my self at you side, my left arm cradling your head. My right hand roams your body; from your breasts, up to your shoulder and down to your hand...running my nails lightly along the way. I give you a deep kiss, before breaking it off to kiss along your jaw line to your ear. Pausing only slightly before going to you neck and then slowly down to you perfect breasts.

I take this time to reposition myself, sliding from your side to between your legs. As I slowly begin kissing down you stomach, I'm sure to look up and catch you eye...just as you did mine. As I smile and continue my descent, I see your eyes close and your head roll back...anticipating what will come next. My hand pushes your thighs further apart as I get closer and closer until I finally arrive. I kiss all around...everywhere but where you most want me to. I can feel you hips start to move, trying to work my kisses to where you desire...but I avoid it, for now...brushing against before moving somewhere else. I finally feel you hands on my head, trying to hold me steady so I meet with you rising hips. As I slide my arms under your thighs, I reach around and grasp your wrists pulling them away from my head. I finally relent and give you what you've been desiring. As my lips press against you, tongue parting you, my hands slide down your wrist to your hands, fingers interlocking. I let my tongue dart in and out of you, tasting you...before traveling back up to your ****. A quick circle of my tongue and a hard flick, and I hear you draw a sharp breath as your hips jerk up. Your fingers tighten around mine, as you try to pull them away. I can tell all the build up of the day will start it's release very soon....start, but not end.

Although I normally take this slow...I can tell you want to feel that release. I feign taking it slow for a second, before diving in. My tongue works your **** in every direction..I slowly suck it in, and let my tongue flick over it. On the second time I do this, I feel your thighs start to tighten around me, you right leg hooks over my back, trying to hold my head in place. Your hands pull at mine, trying to move away to a location even you don't know. I feel the hard arch of your back, hear your moan my name through a staggered breath. Suddenly you inhale sharply, muscles tighten, legs tighten around my, back fully arched....and then you ***. Hard. All your muscles seem to relax suddenly, a shudder, deep breath...then you body spasms before tightening up again. This repeats a few times over, faster and faster...until I finally feel you totally relax.

I want to keep going, but you are trying to pull me up. I relent, this time. Releasing your hand I begin to kiss up your body. Your hands wrap around me, pulling me upwards to kiss you. As I reach your lips, I realize the position I'm in. We kiss madly again, tongues battling, breaking only to catch a quick gasp. For a second my mind races through every 'exotic' position we could be in...but sometimes there is just something right about the 'vanilla' missionary. So intimate, so close. I fact a quick shift and small move by me and I'm in position. My left am goes under your right, to the back of your head and neck again. My right hand goes down, to your left thigh...and your ***. Your right hand on my upper back near my neck, your left around my waist. One small movement and I'm guided in; like a key fitting into the lock it was made for. With one steady push, I sink all the way in and we hold it. Our kiss breaks for a second for us both to take a deep breath and enjoy this second.

As my thrusting starts, you quickly meet with my rhythm. You hips rising with every thrust, your right leg wraps around me. As my thrust increase, so does your grip on me in every way. Our kiss breaks again, our foreheads touch, we look into each others eyes...your eyes roll back and I can hear and 'ohhh' and my name escape your lips. My tempo increases at the sound of this, I can feel you hips rising to meet me again. Your right leg is tightly wrapped around me, I move my arm under your left leg...pulling it up, knee near your breasts. The speed is as much as I can muster in this position, but you're wanting more. My thrusts become harder, and I can feel all your muscles tightening again, drawing up like a ball.

Our movements go on for what seems like a blissful forever...but we can tell it's drawing near. We can't seem to catch our breath. The movement of our hands have ceased, but have tightened around each other. Our kisses are quick pecs now. Finally I feel your nails, digging into me...a studdered moan...and your back arching...shoulders off the ground arching. Then you tighten around me, the most amazing feeling. I manage to last several seconds after your ******...but not many. My thrust become slower...but harder, deeper. I look into your gorgeous eyes, and loose it. My body tenses hard after one final stroke, firing off deep inside you...then I feel it, again. The quick tightening of every one of your muscles...and then the release. The amazing feeling again, squeezing me, draining me. A few more thrusts, each growing softer until I finally stop inside you....and I can feel us both relax.

Cheek to cheek, we hold together...catching our breath, letting our heart rates slow. Somewhat composed, we gaze into each others eyes again...and kiss. Then smile. The night is still very, very young.....and we still have 2 more days to go. It's going to be a very good weekend for both of us
RisenFromAshes RisenFromAshes
36-40, M
Dec 4, 2012