You've been so busy lately, we hadn't had time to see each other. However tonight we finally had made time. You had slipped out of work early, but wanted to hit the gym first. So it should have been no surprised to me when I arrived at your place, and found you lying face down on the bed, wrapped in a towel.

I can tell you had fallen asleep, and by the bottle of aspirin by the bed you had hurt something. I slide into your bed beside you, wrapping my arm around you and nuzzling my face into your neck. You stir slightly on my touch, but more so when I kiss your neck. You try to turn over towards me, but I see a twinge of pain shoot across your face when you do. Whispering, I ask if you're ok...and I can hear you say your neck and back hurt.

Giving you a few final kisses on the neck and upper back, I sit up to thoroughly massage your neck, arms, shoulders and back. I can feel the tension leaving your body, whether it's the painkiller, me or both...I don't know. But I can see how relaxed you've become. Sliding back beside you, you roll over to face me. blinking slowly, but often....eyes still adjusting from the relaxation and sleep. I lay on your right side, arm draped across you waist. Your towel starting to fall open from the massage and rolling over. We gaze into each others eyes for a second, smile..."Hi...."

I lean over...and we kiss. Soft at first, but the passion and intensity grows quickly. Your arms come up around me, and I feel you twinge...still hurting. "Just lay back", I say. But you don't listen, always pushing yourself. You stretch upward again, and again I see you wince. I interlock your fingers in my right hand, your right hand...then left. Kissing you deeply, I raise them above you head to my waiting left hand. I switch off hands, my left now holding both of yours.

My kisses move from your lips up your jaw to your ear, lingering for a second before descending to your neck. I hear you sigh, and feel your fingers strain in my grasp. I whisper in your ear, "relax". And you do. For a couple seconds until I start kissing you neck again. You strain a little harder this time, arching your me the perfect opportunity to finish undoing your loose towel. As it falls open, your left hand escapes my grasp over your head and wraps around me. As my hand explores from your hips to your breasts, I kiss back up to your ear, then back to your waiting mouth. I pull away slightly, to tease you some, but when you follow you wince again. I kiss you hard, and push you back flat on the bed. I break our kiss, take you left hand in mine, and look you in the eyes, "Relax, babe. Trust me"

You smile for a second, before I lean in and kiss you hard, pushing you firmly back on the bed. I can feel your right hand held above us strain as I hold it tight, fingers interlocked with yours. Your left, now interlocked under my right hand rests just below your belly button. As our tongues dance between our lips, our hands move around your stomach...from hip to hip. I gently guide your hand, my fingers between yours lightly dancing over your skin...teasing you. I break our kiss and move to your neck, just below your ear, kissing and nibbling along the way. I can feel you hips starting to move, feel your shallow ragged breath in my ear. I slowly start guiding our hands down, along your hip...across the top of your right leg. I feel your hips rise, your hand freezes, and hear you purr my name. I lightly bite your earlobe, then say "Do you trust me"...."yessss" you purr back into my ear, your hips relaxing again, our hands continuing downward.....

I feel you hesitate slightly reach the top of your mound, but our hands move down, my middle finger lightly tracing the line of your slit from top to near the bottom. As we make our way back up, I push my finger in between your lips slightly and I feel your hips start to move. The higher we move the more I push in...until we reach your ****. I pause us slightly as my finger lightly circles, giving enough pressure to make your muscles tighten, and hips buck upwards. I guide our hands back down, but this time move my middle finger on top of yours. Moving downwards I can feel you hesitate slightly, but I push down lightly on your finger as we continue onwards. Once we reach the spot, I give us pause, then slight pressure on top of you finger....pushing you inside.

Your head rolls back, and back arches...and I break away from your neck to look at your face. You hair has fallen back covering just your forehead, your eyes are closed tight, and you're biting your bottom lip....something that drives me crazy. So I go back to your weak spot....your I push your finger inside you a little more. The combination of the two has you entire body moving, and now I can hear the light moans now escaping your lips.

I move our intertwined hands slightly up and down, making your finger move with it. You hips moving in time with our hands while I kiss and bite your neck. You're moving closer towards ******, nearly to the edge...when I pull our hands back and slowly upwards. I feel your body react in frustration, and hear you quietly utter 'noooo....'. But when I move our hands back upward, stopping over your ****....I feel your body relax again.

My finger of over yours I push them down on finger on one side, yours on the other. I kiss my way back up to your lips, where your lips and tongue eagerly great me. I slowly start moving my finger around half of your ****...and feel your finger start to move as well. Around they move, each of us going at our own speed, rhythm, pressure. I feel your body rising, your right hand straining against mine, back arching, knees rising as you feel it building within you.

You keep trying to match me...but I can tell the offsetting movements of each of us is driving you crazy. You break our kiss with a deep gasp as I feel your thighs tighten around our hands. Our fingers running opposite courses, with the same goal.... I feel you take one large gasp in, moan my name, and feel your body shudder hard, tensing up.....before finally relaxing.

Our fingers slow there movements, as I release your hands....letting you move. Your eyes open, looking into mine. You roll towards me, as we kiss again.....We can tell it's going to be a very fun, and adventurous, night.....

RisenFromAshes RisenFromAshes
36-40, M
Jan 8, 2013