Vivid Is Good

Love this site with all the erotic stories! All these people who think alike! It aLsO spark my vivid and often kinky imagination.
With my imagination, I decide on the color purple, the veins popping on a rigid shaft. Lips pressed against my....
Well whatever
I just know that I love my imagination (",)
SophyG SophyG 41-45, F 7 Responses Aug 7, 2013

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Try xnxx stories it is a great erotic story site. Using a great imagination can sometimes be better than reality, u can't be judged on what they can't see and or understand.

I know them. Such a great variety of super sexy super kinky stories

RKY, that thought could be either really romantic OR super sinful....

your cheeks held between two hands as....

Imagination versus reality....good question.
I like the way you think.

Imagination ~ fantasy ~ without at least doing a little something, would be boring?!

Do tell more!!

I read some stories on xxxnx ~ and iend up with wet wet wet fingers, and not because I'd been sucking them ;)

You have my full attention!!!

Am I going to stimulate your imagination? (",)

You have stimulated more than just imagination

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Oh yes totally! (",) vivid imagination = vivid stimulAtion

Having a vivid imagination makes life a bit more interesting. I too find it stimulating to have a good imagination in such things.