United We Stand

It is now 3:00 am  I am beside myself with the fact that (I am a voiceless soul of society) and my words mean nothing! As do yours and any one else.

In a world filled with the Greedy the soulless and heartless. When I speak of the Greedy I speak of the corporations, the politicians the lobbies of pharmaceutical companies, That help fund the government. We are controlled! We are done so with fear and greed from all aspects of media.
We have all seen the terrible things happening all over the globe and it is due to our own ignorance and our total fixation on accumulating wealth, objects, and stupid junk we all wind up throwing away. But as a society we are programmed to consume, Correction as a species we are programmed to consume everything! Why? Ask your selves! Why do we consume so much? And why it is ever so convenient to do so. The Want For More burns inside all of us! But also ask your self if you had no idea of its existence would the desire for the object still be there? The technology, the information,  the infrastructure was all presented to us. To teach us not to make us stupider! Lazier! We as a species, as an organism in the vast universe have just amazing potential for good. Yet OUR country thrives of death, destruction, and dollar. We have all forgotten or better yet for that matter never taught the feeling of satisfaction! Of just living your life. Doing what you want to do. Not stuck on how much **** you can accumulate before you die. Because you cant take any of it with you when you leave this world. i am not a rich man by no means. Not in possessions not in money, but just in heart, happiness for the little things that bring me joy. I would also sat that I am not the luckiest  nor the smartest but even without a proper education I can see that society has let our government take control of us. I can no longer sit idle by and be unheard!I can not let this continue!  If there is one thing we must do it is speak and let our voices be heard! As a nation! As a planet! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are tired of funding a war that will never end in the middle east. Bin Laden was never in Iraq! We declared war on this country for OIL! Our heads of states greed! The time has come for us to speak up! Be heard

We The People United We Stand this was said at a time when the country needed to hear it before. And now It needs to be said again! More than ever.
We will no Longer be told! We will tell you ! Please let this be our time to be heard. Speak Loud!




shortytucson shortytucson
26-30, M
Feb 10, 2010