Please, Please Be Careful

I received a PM from another EP member who started out telling me that they had enjoyed reading my stories here.  Then they proceeded to mention one about my son and his attachment to his belly button.  All seemed innocent enough.  Then they asked if I had a picture of his belly button that I could send them.  They claimed to not know what an "outie" was.

That sent my mothering red flags off.  I politely stated that "No, I don't have a picture.  Google the term and I'm sure you can learn all about it."

I told a couple of calm, well-reasoned EP friends about it and they agreed that something was probably not right.  I went to the person's profile.  I found no friends, no experiences, no stories, nothing.  Maybe the PM was completely innocent, but I flagged the profile and told EP what had happened and what was requested.

I hope that I was wrong.  I only flagged in the hopes that if the person is indeed a ********* and is reported by someone else, that my flagging will allow EP to take action sooner.

I told several people in my circle about the event because they have pics of their children posted in "friends" only albums on EP and they write stories about their kids.  I would hate to think of a ********* trolling through my EP circle looking for potential targets, but we all know it can happen.

So, I decided to post this story.  I'm not going to mention the name of the profile and I'm not trying to start a witch hunt.  I AM trying to warn every parent on EP to be cautious and careful about posting pictures of your kids here and if someone's interest in your child seems inappropriate, don't ignore your feelings.  Check the EP profile out and report anyone that seems suspicious.

Update:  I received another PM from this same person.  This time asking me to become their friend on so that we can share photos.  It's been a month an a half since they first asked for pics of my son's belly button.  I just checked their profile and they still have no friends, no experiences, and no stories.  So once again, I will notify EP and ask them to check it out.  I'm sure I'm not the only person they have sent such PMs to and EP should be able to track that.  Please continue to be careful.

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11 Responses Sep 15, 2009

Thank you, that is just creepy! I don't have children but just reading your story set off flags for me. Did the right thing, thank you for making me aware of this.

It pays not to trust anyone you meet online.

EP does have it's dark alleyways. It is important to be watchful. The Mommy bone is never wrong. Bravo Sahria!

I think people really need to keep the red flags up. Thank u for posting!

Awww thanks soo much... My son is 4weeks old an everyone wants to see him... An I have been contemplating putting up pictures... But nope not gonna happen... I'm a bit new to this site an I wasn't sure how safe it was I was gonna wait an check it out... But now I've decided against it... Thanks so much for the warning... You seem like a great mom! I home to do as well for cabryn!

im not a parent but just reading that triggered alarm bells, but thanks for that as i have a younger brother who i adore anyway and was going to put up photos of me and him. i'll be a bit cautious now thanks.

After the types of people met online, its best to keep the kiddies out of pictures anywhere. They could cut and paste into their own ****...Not a good idea.<br />
thanks for post.

Sahira, my mothering redlights have also gone off numerous times (not internet related) - a mother just knows. For the very reason you have mentioned, I will NEVER put a pic of my son on the internet.

Thank you for the warning! (Where is the recommend button On the mobile version, EP?)<br />
<br />
Love & Peace

Another thank you here!

Thank you , i would've done the same thing..and thanks for the warning...i only have pics of my kids in friends only.....and pretty much i don't add anyone unless i've talked to them for a while, thakns sahira.