Stuck In Traffic

Hey so I thought I'd share another story with everyone. So my boyfriend and I go see his dad a lot his dad lives about 45min to an hour away depending on traffic. I can usually make the whole ride without any problems or he can stop in Plenty of time so I don't have an accident. I always take some goodnites with me on road trips just in case though. I prefer goodnites because they fit really slim and they are discreet and I don't pee a whole lot at one time so I don't have issues with leaks usually. If I'm driving I'll wear them but if someone else is driving I just have them with me.

Well we were 2 exits away from his dads when traffic came to a dead stop! There was apparently a really bad wreck so traffic was at a stand still. After about 10 min I got the urge to pee but we were so close! I really wanted to try and hold it. It's a little victory for me everytime I make it to the toilet or wake up dry in the morning. I turned to him and said " I gotta peeI really hope traffic moves soon." He said "I think we are going to be here a while why don't you go ahead and change just in case." I got embarrassed and I said "no I think I can hold it" 10 more minutes go by and I really had to go. I started fidgeting and crossing my legs and traffic wasn't going anywhere. He said" Babe don't torture yourself just put a goodnite on and use it. Don't be embarrassed the traffic isn't moving anytime soon." I agreed and it was easy to change because I was wearing a dress. It was last summer and I live in sundresses in the summer. I slipped my panties off and slipped a goodnite on. He said" there don't you feel better" I looked at him and said "no I have gone yet I really want to try and make it" I knew I wouldn't though I maybe had 5 min left in me before I let go. He said" don't be stubborn just go you'll feel better'" I kind of pouted bu he was right. I took a deep breath and tried to relax so I could pee. Once I started going I sighed pretty loudly because it did feel good and I really had to go. He said " don't you feel better now?" I said "almost I'm still going a little bit" once I finished I put the wet goodnite in a plastic bag cleaned up with some portable wipes and slid my panties back on.

We sat there for another hr he ended up having to pee in an empty water bottle he had in his car. Finally traffic starts moving! Once we finally got to the exit we needed to I had to pee again but we only had about 10 -15min to go and I was determined to hold it. This urge came on strong and I started fidgeting again. He asked if I had to go again and I said yes but I think I'll make it this time. His dad lives out in the country and I was getting so desperate when I knew we were close I slipped my panties off again. He asked me what I was doing. I told him "once we get to your dads I'm popping a squat in the front yard I really need to go and I don't think I'll make it inside. He just laughed and said ok. His dad doesn't have any close neighbors so no one would see me. Once he pulled down the drive I opened my car door immediately because I was about to burst. He came around to my side of the car where I was about to pee. I decided to squat behind the car door incase anyone came out of the house and he was my look out too just in case. I lifted my dress a little and squatted close to the ground and immediately started peeing into the gravel. I was so happy I made it and didn't wet myself again. He handed me my undies and a napkin to wipe with. We had a nice time at his dads and didn't have any problems comin home.
giantsquid26 giantsquid26
22-25, F
May 16, 2012