Weak Bladder

well i hate having a weak bladder. it makes me not want to go places or have friends. once i feel like i have to go i have about 2-5 minutes to get to a toilet or i just wont make it. once i told a friend of mine i had to go she needs to pull over. she didnt want to pull, instead she wanted to find a gas station. i tried to tell her it was urgent but she said "hold on there is one right up the street". well i didnt make it. i wet myself right in her car. she didnt take me anywhere for a few months. in walmart i was waiting in line to use the toilet and asked a few people if i could get in front of them. one said yes and the others said no. unfortunately i didnt make it. i wet myself right there in the walmart bathroom. its embarassing!!  so i carry a bookbag around with a change of clothes in it. i dont drink much. i dont understand why i have to go so much. i wet myself trying to get into my house, at friends house, at parties, clubs, stores, in friends vehicles, outside, etc...... i choose to stay at home most of the time. i dont realy have friends that understand or dont mind my issue. its sad.
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I wet myself a lot (never in public) I'm 13 now,my Dad had a weak bladder but he grew out of it when he was 21.I'm sorry for you.

Wear a diaper it is less emberesing than peeing in your clothes

diapers are a great I love them save a lot of truble finding the ladys room or the lines

for your condition diapers seem like a good option

wear adult diapers, then the problem goes away

that really sucks

When did this start to happen? <br />
Have you given birth? <br />
Have you been tested for diabetes? <br />
Some things you drink that contain substances like caffeine, will cause these sudden urges as well. <br />
Even though you are female, see if you can get a referral to a urologist and get checked out thoroughly.

I'm really sad to hear this sara, but if your not too worried about the inconsistency compared to the leakage you should probably just get some medications because they have a bunch that help with leakage of the bladder and it really helps, good luck i hope you get better

Sorry to hear that. I have had similar experiences, but not quite that bad. maybe you have overactive bladder if you are constantly going that much. It would be a good idea to consult a doctor. Maybe he/ she can give you a medicine or suggest something else you can do to help you control it. You deserve to have a good life and live it to the fullest. Sorry that some of your friends are jerks. Honestly what's wrong with people. And no offense, but your friend is a jerk for not pulling over right away. It's her fault you wet yourself. What an insensitive b i t c h. Anyhow and you said she didn't want to hang out with you after that, well if I was you I wouldn't even want to. And about wetting yourself in a Walmart bathroom that would suck. Something similar happened to me. I was at the movies and had a lot of drinks and the line was a mile long and wearing skintight jeans didn't help my situation. Needless to say I peed them, but my friends were actually pretty nice about it. Bye for now. Lets chat sometime.

that would really suck. i am so sorry.

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