Have Always Had a Small Bladder

I just found this site and have the same condition as many of you... i've trouble with my bladder for pretty much my whole life.  As an adult now the problem is mostly only at night, although i have to urinate during the day a lot more often than most people i know and if i don't get to a bathroom right away, my bladder gets really uncomfortable and even painful pretty quickly.  There have been a handful of times in my adult life that i've been caught away from a bathroom for too long and my bladder couldn't make it.

When i was growing up i wet my bed every night until i was about 12, and also had occasional accidents during the day, especially at school, where bathroom access was limited.  The last time i wet my pants at school i was 14, and a freshman in high school -- NOT a good experience, but i still remember it (and several others like it) vividly.  I'm thankful that my bladder has gotten somewhat stronger now as an adult, but i still hate having to go so often and that if i'm not really careful about what i drink and how tired i am, i wet the bed at night.  Looking forward to meeting others with similar struggles and sharing experiences.

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Mar 25, 2009