I started out playing guitar.  Or, rather, TRYING to play guitar, but I couldn't feel it.  I could make my hands make the chords, I could pluck out simple melodies.  I was, I suppose, about as talented as any beginning guitar player.  Then, it happened.  Somebody put a bass in my hand, and I casually strummed that low E-string.  I felt that note resonate through my body and into my soul.  That was it.  I was hooked.  The next purchase I made was my own bass. 

My bass and I were very close for a long time.  When I was living with my daughter's dad, my bass was my only snuggle buddy, and we spent many-a-night asleep on the couch together.  I still unearth him from time to time ("El Effe," to friends) and thump out a few notes.  It soothes me, makes me feel whole.  I cannot help but to think in rhythm, and I am drawn to the beauty of a rhythmic melody under the music.

In sad songs, it's that untold thing that makes you cry.  In funk, it's the barely noticed "oomph" that makes you wanna shake your booty.  Bass lines, to me, simply MAKE songs.  I cannot imagine life without that undertone that resonated through to my soul so very long ago.

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Oooh! I always can appreciate a good "open the door at a drive through" video! Ghetto cars provide so much in traffic amusement! I knew someone that had shaved door handles. He got stuck out of his own car even though he had a button to push under the hood...made me laugh every time. He was a real d-bag though. I think it was Karma. I also think when I laughed, that's why after wards my windshield wiper flew off in a storm, ha ha!

Tek- I am all too familiar with the speaker-thumping. My personal fave ghetto-sled moment was at 2 am in line at a drive-thru, the car pulled up to the window, pumped itself up level on it's hydraulics, and the driver had to open the door because the window was broken. That, and my city produces the crappiest hip hop. Just for you, I'll have to start covertly recording video. Or sending you demo cd's from local "artists." <br />
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But yes, bass can just be smooth, too.

Heh...I walked in thinking it was speaker thumping...usually coming from a beat up hatch back with a high pitched weed whacker exhausted...kind of bass. Which I actually love on good speakers/sub wolfer in a nice high ceiling, just not at stoplights where I can see that car's duct tape trash bag window vibrating. I miss my home town!<br />
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But yes, a friend of mine was the bassist to a rock band. He had training in jazz so the sound made it. I really thought his parts gave it soul, heart. Without it, it would be showy and just screaming.

I picked up the bass for the first time last year and had a great time with it too. I was surprised at how attached I got to it.