Gimme That Chocolate!

I simply just love chocolate!!! When I'm trying to eat healthy or diet, whatever you wanna call it, chocolate is always my downfall.

About 8 years ago I had totally changed my eating habits from fast food to mainly grilled chicken and veggies. I was also drinking pretty much nothing except for water. I kept this up for about six months and had lost right at 40 pounds. Well, one day at work I got really hungry for a snack, went to the vending machine. There they were, staring right at me! Peanut M&Ms. I debated only for a second or two, then I just couldn't fight the urge! I gave in and bought them. I couldn't wait to taste what I had given up for so long! I ripped the bag open and they were gone in about 3 minutes!

Well needless to say, after that day it became a daily ritual to have my peanut M&Ms for a snack while I was at work. I gradually gained back most of the weight I worked so hard to lose.

Today, I weigh even more than I did back then, but I still enjoy my chocolate! It was the hardest thing that I ever had to give up and now I just live my life enjoying the things that I love, chocolate being pretty much at the top of the list!


LAwoman72 LAwoman72
36-40, F
May 5, 2008