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I have always liked the feel of lingerie against me. Now I LOVE the feel while on me. For the last few weeks I have been wearing Lingerie more and more. Just yesterday I bought myself some panties and stockings. I have been wearing my wife's for years without her admitting that she knows about it. I have taken her discarded panties for years, now I have my own. Just recently she tossed out all of her stockings and garter belts. I saved one garter belt that I have loved for years from a dreadful ending but didn't think fast enough to get the stockings !!! What a dreadful loss. There were red, many shades of black and brown, and some whites. Damn, I really screwed up not saving all of them also. I get excited just thinking of all the times she would wear them to bed. I just wish I could wear mine to bed with Her.
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Try Mensline Lingerie, it is feels fantastic to wear and superb quality

t least you were able to save one garter belt. Now its time to go shopping.

small steps in that direction may work :)

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