Why Yes I Do Have A Webcam

It's built into my computer but I always want to lie to men about not having one because most of the time they get creepy about it. They start using me as their sex object and telling me to do things for them and one time is never enough. Asks to see my diaper, okay. Oh no one time is not enough, now they are demanding me to take off my pants or have them show. Oh no they are asking to see my boobs and won't take no for an answer. They want to see my bra, oh no one time isn't not enough, now they are asking me to remove it and won't take no for an answer, Oh no they are trying to get me to ********** in my diaper for them. Oh no they want me to stick my hands in my diaper and rub myself in there. Oh no they are now begging me to do it. Oh no they want me to keep flashing them and keep standing up and telling me they want to see my whole body, my face is not enough for them and they will not take no for an answer. Asks to see my panties, oh no now they want me to take them off and won't take no for an answer. Now they are asking me to stick my hands in them and ********** for them.

Web cams suck and I am through saying I have one. I no longer have one anymore, if you know what I mean ;)

I was so happy of myself when I said "no" last time when someone asked me if I have a webcam. Usually I end up telling the truth first and this time I was able to lie. I had planned for months to start lying about not having one just to avoid the hassle. I could be honest about it just so they can show their true colors so I can block them if they are indeed one of those creepy guys.

To all the respectful men out there, sorry guys, I have just ran into too many of disrespectful men I just don't want to be honest anymore about having a webcam, especially if you are just curious and one time be enough for you and you don't go asking women to perform sex moves for you and begging them to.

I think webcams are great for showing off your kids or something new you got or your pets or anything you have in your home and I know they were originally intended for families seeing each other when they are away from home for a while due do being in the war or navy or business trips. Now they are being used for sexual reasons and to some men, having a webcam means the woman will do sex moves for them and be their sexual object and be there to turn them on rather than just seeing what you look like or just being curious such as asking to see their cats or dogs or their kids or seeing their room or home.

Another thing that has always annoyed me about webcams is when someone would want me to view their cam and expect me to watch it all the time. I once asked one of them what does he think I do on the computer? Sit here and do nothing? I am never online and not doing anything staring at the screen. I have a short attention span so me sitting here watching you sit in a diaper, even for a minute, is going to bore me out or me staring at your face is also going to bore me out. Okay I saw it, I'm done. Why do I need to stare at it for five minutes or all the time? Why do I even need to keep looking at it? I saw it and that is it. If you were to show me your kid, okay I saw him already, I don't need to keep looking at him.

I don't get people and their webcams. I sense people like looking at them for a long time and like looking at things in them for a long time and for more than once just by how they have acted towards me in the past when me seeing it once was not enough and were expecting me to keep staring at their webcam. Okay I have a webcam, I don't wish to use it so I don't have one anymore. I only have one if I decide I do.
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The diaper thing is weird

I have cam but only if people ask and I am happy to text chat as there is more to life than sex .I like to get to know people their likes dislikes what they do for fun work etc .I am stuck at home alot so its just nice to chat and pass the time with people .