I Have a Logitech Webcam

I just bought a logitech webcam with built in microphone.  What do you think I should do with it?  Chat online?  No one ever seems to be around.  I used to be into ghosts, but I'm not sure I believe in them.  Should I make a ghost-cam and see if I can catch video of a possible ghost? Tell me what to do.  I really would like to use my cam!

Licorice Licorice
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Very clever advertising. :)

Licorice, I'll cam with you. Yahoo messenger or skype? Add each other? Thanks.

I will web with u but how can I if they don't allow me to send email or ph numbers

Do you have yahoo messenger or skype? If so, let me have your name there, I'll add you and then send you a message letting you know it's me from EP. I have a cam too, and I love to "share the experience."


How do you use a webcam to catch ghosts ?

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Just got my first HD webcam ( a logitech).<br />
Great picture quality!<br />
<br />
Use it with skype and on webcamsites.

I chat all the time with my cam... hit me up sometime. I'm always up for good conversation.. :)

Ohh I'm already there, believe me. I have over 1,000 subscribers.<br />
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