I Can't Find Clothes To Fit My Odd Body!

I am 5'6" tall and am overweight, but not obese.  I wear size 12 pants and size 14 tops.  My waist proportions are good, and I have a curvy shape, big boobs and round backside.  But my legs are big and thick, with heavy thighs, fat knees, and thick calves.  All of this tapers down sharply into a tiny "deer" ankle to finish with a wide size 9-1/2 foot.  If I buy size 14 pants to fit my thick legs, they bag horribly around my waist.  My tummy is flat and my legs are muscular, but there is fat on the inside and outside of my legs because I have a desk job.  When I work out, my legs seem to get even larger because they are so heavily muscled.  I feel like a freak.

I cannot wear fashion boots because of my huge calves, but I don't have "cankles" like some heavy women do.  It would probably look better if I did.  I have to keep my legs covered because with my skinny ankles my legs look like turkey drumsticks!  I am too self-conscious to wear a skirt or dress anymore.

If I'm having this much trouble finding pants that fit, what do the really heavy people do?  I've tried the plus sized clothing stores, but even their smallest sizes are too huge on me.  The off-the-rack sizing can range so dramatically--some of my size 8's and 10's (pants) still fit me!  But I have a couple of blazers that are 14s and even one size 16. 

What I need is some tailored trousers for work that don't have a really high waist, no pleats, no cuffs, just clean straight lines.  I have one pair of slacks like that, and whenever I wear them I look slim.  But I'm having a horrible time finding another pair. 

I do watch what I eat and get daily exercise, so please, don't respond if you're going to rail at me about being "fat." 

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3 Responses Jan 7, 2010

I'm suffering the same as you. Even when I go to Torrid the smallest size does run too big on me!

You sound great to me!

I am sure you have tried all different brands of pants, but maybe you could have someone recommend some to you? Someone with experience a sales person or something? I have a small waist for my size so most pants are very baggy around the waist, most of the time I am stuck wearing a belt, but some brands fit well. Maybe you could also talk to someone that does alterations and have them fit the clothes the way you want them. Just embrace the differences in your body it sounds like you are obsessing!