My Brother Is Obsessed With My Personal Life

it's crazy. he and his wife and my mother do nothing but talk bad about me all the time. it use to make me cry but now it makes me laugh. i'm still a bit concern though i feel like they are crazy. my brother is the leader of the pack. he started all of this. he is soooooo angry and always wants to take out his anger out on women or men that are small physicly and there for can't defend themselves. he is such a punk and a bully. he's managed to put my mother against me and his wife has always hated me because she's jealous of the fact that i am free to do what i want and she is in a abusive relationship with my brother.

my brother and his wife have started sooooo many false rumors about me. too many to tell. i think i'm their entertainment. since they have no friends and no life, talking about me helps cope with their everyday boredom. when they come over i avoid them to the fullest yet they try and try to provoke me by pushing my buttons. giving me dirty looks not taking their eyes off of me till my mother walks in the room. they start talking about me while i'm around. they go through my room when i'm not there.they ask people about me and what ive been up to, or what ive said. it's crazy!!!! they do nothing but worry about me. another thing he comes and starts talking about how much money he has OUTLOUD to make sure i hear it. lol since i always walk away from them when they come. i try to go to another room. but they manage to get their message across.

he's a bully to the fullest. i don't know why god made him my brother. he is sooo evil. perhaps there is a lesson he wants me to learn. i'm not sure what but i'll try to make the best out of this bad situation. i haven't spoken to him in 3 years. he wants to talk to me. he's always telling my mother to force me to talk to him. he can't stand to not have contol over someone. in this case i'm the one he doesn't conrol and can never con or manipulate. the reason why i don't talk to him is because i know that he's gonna keep on with the drama. he lovesss drama. talking to him will only bring back all that drama from before because he doesn't know how to live in peace. thats why his friendships are short lived. no body can stand him for long he just loves arguing with people, and yet he wants you to still stick around so he can continue to belittle you. smh

ive noticed that the reason why he keeps giving me those threatning looks like he's gonna hit me is because he wants me to be scared of him. so i can be so "scared" that i'll talk to him again "join the enemy i can't beat" lol and this time he'll have full control over me aswell. thats what is in his mind. little does he know his plan is NOT GONNA HAPPEN LOL i'm not gonna talk to him simply because otherwise he's gonna continue to make my life a living hell. pushing my buttons any chance he gets. talking to him would only make things worse. and i'm well aware of that.

he may beat his wife and have her scared of him but i was born and raised in america. i know my rights and if he ever hits me again i'm pressing charges on him. last time he threaten to beat me up he came hitting the door of my room. only it was locked. i was scared but holding the phone in my hand i opend the door and told him if he hit me i was gonna call the cops. that shut him up and really calmd him down. it was like pouring cold icy water on his body. he is such a punk lol scared of hitting a man but always willing to hit women, or a little boy.

he continues to bother me any chance he gets. so does his wife. my mom has calm down a bit but only because she kept having this recurring dream in where i'm dead. so she stopped being mean to me. it's easier to fotgive my mother because all in all she's a little girl that never grew up because she had all her kids at such a young age so she sees her daughters as competitions.

i hope one day to get out of this. i hope god can help me. i always thought once school was over so were bullies. never imagined being bullied by my own crazy weid family :/
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STAY STRONG! These people are but gnats to you.

i do but i don't make enough to make ends meet on my own. no i don't have a car. ive been thinking about going to school to become a make up artist. i love make up^_^. yea thats what i do now i leave and go for a walk or to barnes and nobles and read a book. yea he was really gonna hit me like last time. he is such a bully. he would never hit a man but he is quick to hit a girl. smdh. thats a good idea about the camera. maybe i could get a order protection against him. that would really take alot of stress off my shoulders. thnx for all your advice:) and thnx for the hug<3

yes get a order protection !!!

I can relate..... my mom also saw me as some one to compete with, she had me at 16 ............. i also grew up in a very psychotic environment.<br />
<br />
do you work ? are you in school? hell, i would not have any thing in ur bedroom out side bed and dresser and clothes..... do u have a car? if you do, keep everything that is of value under lock and key there...........that is if u can fit it all there ? <br />
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when ur family shows up at the house id leave and go to maybe a star bucks, hang out there or a friends house or library....<br />
<br />
thank god u told ur brother u would call the police on him.... the min he even acted like he was going to hit you, id call the cops, dont wait till he hits u. to call. <br />
<br />
maybe if u could set up a cam to record his threats that way u have some documentation on him, hell u can call the cops and tell them he abuses you even if he hasnt done it in recent times, just tell them u fear for ur safety,,,,,,,,that way u have a paper trail to prove ur side, in case things get really out of hand .... hugs for you ....... stay safe xo

it's easier said then done. i love my home state, and am not planning on moving. i am planning on moving out to a different neighborhood but when i am financially secure. thnx.

some people are just so lost in life. yes youre absolutely right it's best to ignore them and life is precious. :) thnx

That does sound crazy. Its weird how some people are wired so differently than others. I never understood how people can be so cruel to each other especially family. But some people will always be cruel and all you can really do is ignore them and distance yourself as far away as possible. Life is too precious to be wasting time getting harassed by people. Cruel people just arent worth the time or effort to try and change. I hope things workout for sound like a really nice person.