Weird, But Love Them!

My family is so weird! The way we show affection is by mock threats! XD

It's normal to us show our love and appreciation, by threatening physical harm. lol. When someone says something cool or does something funny, we tend to say, "I should punch you in the nose!" or "I will kick you in the shins!" or "Do you want a kick in the butt?" ROTFL!

We are weird! My sister says it's because hugging is not a norm in out family. There are no hugs or anything said like, "That's so cool! You're wonderful!" Just endless mock threats to show that we care! XD

I never realized how bizarre this was, until I made a mistake and hurt my friend's Philip feelings, when I threaten to punch him in the nose! :-o

He thought I was really angry with him, as any sane person would think so, and that I would actually give him physical harm! Oops! I had to apologize and explain my family's behavior, that I was just kidding. And besides, my threats mean nothing, because I am not physically strong and my punch to a nose would be laughable to the person receiving it. XD

It's not in me to be violent in real life... but I have fallen into these mock threats, with the rest of my family. I am trying to break that pattern, so no more misunderstandings happen! :-D

When my mother is most proud and happy with me, she will smack me in the butt, and it stings too!!! LOL! And I ask her, "What's that for?" And she always reply, "Because you are my baby and I'm proud of you!" XD

Weird... but that's how we are! =p

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7 Responses Dec 9, 2008

Cool.... count me in!!!

Where is the love?????

Come here, darling, so I can beat you like rented room !

I'm being AMBUSHED!!! Help, Shadow! Share some of your "loving" butt kicking in here!!!!

Yes, that's what I mean, you little sh!t.

YOu mean like yesterday, when you LOVINGLY called me a : Little Sh1t??? :P yes, folks, she REALLY did! rofl!

My family tends to sling bantering insults back and forth. We're very affectionate, but to an outsider it would appear we can't stand each other. Weird? Sure. But we're happy. Good story, Shadow.