I Dont No If There Is a Normal Family

my family is werid .i think there is no such thing as normal.everyone has a aunt or cousin who is a drunk all the time and swears like a sailor.everone has a really old relative that calls them the wrong name because you remind them of a girls she knew when she was younger,and u feel bad if u correct her because shes so old and she cant hear u so u have to repeat your self over and over...then theres your grandpa who if u say hi goes on and on about his garden and the racoon who he tryed to catch with a box and string..but it some how got away..then he repeat the story to u at least three times cause he forgot.i could go on.my point is what is normal.a dog and a two car garage.?your normal and mine my differ u see.so im werid we all are.and im proud

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1 Response Dec 16, 2008

Sounds like a normal family to me. As long as you do the best you can with respect to your family it is normal. The "Quote un Quote" normal family only exists in books, movies and peoples imaginations.<br />
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What a boring world it would be if even an eighth of the population was "NORMAL".