I love my family so much. They're all such wonderful and incredible people. But at times I really don't feel like I fit into my family. My Dad got into a car accident almost 5 years back leaving him with brain damage, and a broken back. He is unable to do pretty well anything and it's greatly affected my family. He has panic attacks all the time and is very quick to anger. He can't be alone so my Mom had to quit her job to be with and support him. My dad is a great guy, but this accident has really affected him in a lot of ways.
My mom is very sweet, but she is influenced and manipulated by others very easily. She doesn't have high self esteem and always puts other people before herself. She has a very difficult time dealing with depression.
My one brother is 15 turning 16 soon. He is homeschooled. He was at school one day and ever so stupidly decided to try drugs. He got ***** searched by the schools principal and it traumatized him. He is unable to to leave the house, and has left in months. He is trying medication from our doctor right now that seems to be helping him.
My other brother is 13 turning 14 and is extremely quiet and kept to himself. He doesn't talk much, except on the internet. He is obsessed with games like mincraft. And devotes hours into these games each and every day.
We're all really different. We're a strange family. I feel like I'm different from everybody else. We have a difficult time getting along most of the time. All of us never really spend much time together. I wish that things were different and we were closer. It's hard. :/
TheSongPlaysWithin TheSongPlaysWithin
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2014