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Me and my cousin recently discussed this…So on my dad's side, there's a bunch of boring hunters who are mostly all rather racist and stereotypical Alaskans (at least the ones that live in Alaska are-- aside from the igloos and dog-sled teams)Then my moms side: 2 gay & married uncles, 1 of whom I am quite certain is actually crazy. He's a good person though. President of the PETA in his state I think. The biggest animal lover you'll ever meet... Vegetarian, about 12 pets that are mostly non-domesticated animals, oh and he wants to be barbequed and eaten when he dies..... Nottt sure if that one was a joke or not.. But I don't think it was = he says "what's the difference between eating animals and eating people?" sounds crazy, but makes you think, right? Anyway, moving on. My uncle's son Kenny, a total new-age hippie. He got arrested once for letting out a test lab full of animals, he lived in a tree house to try to stop a war (not quite clear on that one), and there was some other stuff I don't remember, but I know he's a tree-hugger n animal-lover... Gotta meet that guy someday. My aunt has had 3 or 4 husbands and a son with some sort of disease and his immune system doesn't work so he's almost does tons of times and is so messed up now that he can hardly walk n shakes when he moves.. He's only about 20. My grandma lived in Germany during world war 2 and only survived because she and her sister had a goat which gave them milk. My aunt Trudy married my uncle Gene somewhere between 50-60 years ago and he asked her to marry him after 3 dates. My great grandparents were married about 70 years and my great grandpa died just a few days ago. My dad was pretty much in love with my mom by seeing her picture (or so I interpreted from the story) though they're divorced now. Ect. :P
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I hope your uncle that wants to be the family's sunday barbeque after he dies remains in good health.

Lol not me

*almost died tons of times <br />