Reading And Rocking Legs

Whenever I read a good book for an extended time, I concentrate at my absolute best when I have the TV on with the volume real low and I walk around the room; sometimes, I would walk in a counterclockwise circle, stop for a moment, and then go clockwise. It is a bit tricky for me to read in total silence because I would likely fall asleep.

I have always had this habit since youth, but I rock my leg, right or left, up and down fast whenever I am working at my desk or watching TV. I do this when I am making progress or in my "groove." My mom always tries to tell me to stop me from rocking my leg and that it is a sign of some nervousness. She told me this was an inherited habit from her side of the family.
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5 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Lol my 12 year old son does that.

The leg rocking? Lol

Yeah,and he walks around too every time he reads lol.

Haha that's fantastic. I'm not alone lol

Yes, that is the regular occurrence when it happens. Glad to meet a fellow leg rocker :)

I do that, especially when Im really concentrating hard on something

I think so. She doesn't have this leg habit, but she always references her father and an uncle who do have it. I've never seen my grandfather alive or met this uncle; so, I take my mom's word for it. I gotta believe this thing is genetic.

Oh my, habits like those are hard to break! I don't know if they are actually inherited, but I do notice that people with these sort of habits come from families who display similar traits. I think it might just have something to do with being nervous though. My husband has some very bizarre habits, so does his mother....I think she is what made him so nervous though, because she's always a nervous wreck. I'm not ridiculing her or anything....she's a great woman. Is your mother or her people anxious, nervous people?