Pinching My Neck

My mom staid I've been doing it since I was a baby. I was pinching my neck, but I was doing this only when I was scared, stressed, sad or depressed. My mom always told me to stop but it was like an addiction. So every time I was pinching my neck my mom knew that something was wrong with me, so even when I tried hiding my feelings she could tell on my habit but she thought that It will go away one I grow up. But....I STILL DO IT and I am an adult now!!!!!!!. Every time I have problems I do it, my mom gets very angry because she said that looks stupid and that people are gonna think that I am slow or something, but it is just a habit. 

Once I was doing it and my boyfriend asked me "what are you doing?" I told him about my habit and I also told him that I only do it when I have problems. I shouldn't have told him cuz now he will be able to know when something is wrong. Of course I can stop but it's hard sometimes my hand goes there by itself I can't control it. My mom is able to tell too because the spot gets red. It is not a bad habit like others, I mean that other habits like teeth grinding and nail biting can lead to health issues like infection and loosing teeth but my habit doesn't make me sick, it makes me just look sick lol. But I isn't that noticeable, people who look at me just think I am scratching my neck. I know that is a habit for life.

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Hello, I started doing this before my memory, mother said I used to do it to her as a baby in arms. She had th wear a neck protector. At some point I started to do it to myself. I never remember a point in my life when I haven't. I am now 56. I just have an urge I cannot resist, sometimes rip my neck to shreds, then don't for a week, but my neck is always marked. I seem to have been born with this.

I'm 16 and I've done it all of my life. It's only just occurred to me to see if anyone else did the same thing. I pinch my neck when I'm tired, mostly. I have a feeling that mine roots from me being strangled by my amblicle (I don't know if that's the right spelling) cord at birth, just a habit that hasn't left me, maybe you guys are the same. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in this!

I pinch/roll my skin like you guys. I started when I was just a baby. I choose to pinch my elbows, knuckles, and eyebrows. Now my knuckles are all cracked and gross, and my elbows are all rough. It's kind of embarrassing and I want to stop this habit. Any ideas of how to do this?

I have always loved to roll or pinch my skin, it comforts me. I don't do it at any particular time...except...all the time. My skin over my colar bones on both sides. I however favor my left side, I am right handed. But I have to trade sides because my skin starts to hurt. I do it constantly. Especially when I sitting, even while I drive. I've been doing searchs online as well...and it's not easy to find others with a strange habit like this. I was trying to find a stress-ball of some sort that feels like skin. I have two dogs and a cat. They sit with me and I roll their belly skin. I do that to give my poor neck a break I think. It relaxes me but my habit seems to b getting worse. I'm 38.

I have sort of the same situation, when I was younger I use to pinch the fat around my mom, dad, sister, brother even my grandmother neck until my dad had enough and made me pinch myself then I started piching under my underarm and to this day I usually do it when im content, sleepy or bored I've tried to stop but I'd start right back doing it without even knowing I also suck on my tongue boyfriend pops my hand when I start back pinching it helps...and playing app games on my phone.... I am 17 no and never thought anyone would have a similar habit as mine

Gosh I know this was written forever ago, but you have no idea how long I've googled this to see if ANYONE else does this! I too, have aways pinched (and then rolled) the skin on my neck since I was a baby. My mother told me I've always done it, and I still do it as an adult. I'm 35. For me it's not something that I do when stressed, it's just a normal comfort thing. It calms me down and relaxes me. It's the same as you though, as if my hand goes to do it w/out me really thinking about it. I've come to terms with it at my age though. It's part of who I am, there is NOTHING wrong with me. I'm not hurting myself. I think it's like when some people like the feel of certain materials or are addicted to popping bubble wrap or something. It's a sensory thing, and I've just come to the realization that it's no ones business but my own. I don't think it's nice what your mom said to you about it. It's not stupid, it's just a sensory habit. It's not hurting you or others, it's NOT a big deal and she should really chill out about it. I cannot tell you how excited I am though, to find that I'm not the only one!

I am super excited to know i am not the only living soul that does this..... i have been pinching my neck since i was a little girl, and no as an adult i still continue to do it. i thought my children would inherit this trait but none of them did..... it feels so good to know there are others who share in my habit.

I can't believe there are other people with this problem, does anyone know how to stop it as its driving me crazy and i have a big red mark from the bottom of my neck to my chin and people are asking me about it a lot now.

Now I feel like I've got family elsewhere. I thought I was the only one int the world who did this. <br />
I stopped in 2007 but it came back with a vengeance in 2008/9 and now I just can't stop... been doing this since I knew myself (as a child) and never saw anyone else do it.

well your not the only one who has this habit believe it or not my sister myself and my daughter do this its more like pinching and rubbing the skin together but its good to know were not the only ones

well your not the only one who has this habit believe it or not my sister myself and my daughter do this its more like pinching and rubbing the skin together but its good to know were not the only ones

Well if that is your strangest habit pat yourself (or neck ;) on the back. Hell your habit isn't being a junkie and it doesn't hurt a soul. When I'm anxious I never knew it until my husband pointed it out, I rub my feet together (hehe) well sometimes these signs are a good thing. My husband knew when i was upset without me having to say a word.