Squeaky Laugh

So ever since fifth grade I've had a very strange laugh. I inhale when I laugh. I used to do that hissing type thing, but since fifth grade I make actual noise. It's very high pitched and loud to boot. In public, if I am to laugh one of the following things may happen: People may come over and ask if I'm ok because they think I'm having a medical problem, everyone will go quiet and stare, people will start laughing with/at me. Some descriptions of the laugh include: A dying hamster, the beginning of a siren, a car alarm, a squirrel mating call, an antelope giving birth,  a puppy being strangled, etc. So this laugh is a pain in my butt, if I could change it I would. My friends absolutely love it and say it makes me "unique".

thepopetator thepopetator
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 14, 2009

You mean you laugh backwards? How does this work?