my laugh changes a lot and is never a fixated noise. When i was sitting at the dinner table with my brothers, i looked around then just broke out into a rather loud witch-like laughter which only got worse once i saw the stares they were giving me. by the time i finished and all my little giggles faded i had to wipe a tear from my eye and sigh.
Another time i was at my friends house, and i forgot why, but we started cracking up and i tried to bury these really high pitched giggles into my arm. i failed miserably, and she only laughed harder. by the time i was somewhat under control after doing some breathing exercises, her younger sister came down the stairs wondering what was going on, so i just said, "you know your sister has a really weird laugh." then out of nowhere, you could hear her mom laughing. i realized she had been watching the whole time.
so, one of two things happen when i laugh:
1. I get stared at like I'm a strange specimen
2. No one can stop laughing and instead starts laughing harder.
Hunttheheartofblack Hunttheheartofblack
22-25, F
Jun 15, 2015