I Fell Last Week.

sometimes when i'm going downstairs i will vividly imagine the horror and sensation of falling down them. this exact thing happened to me last week. i was in a hurry, wearing slippery socks, descending the stairs in my house rather briskly, when suddenly one of my feet slipped and i started falling. i tried to catch myself on the wooden banister, but i ended up skidding the back of my arm against it, creating a terribly painful burn. i also hurt my hip and my ankle. ridiculous.

to add to the situation, the burn on my arm scabbed over ferociously - it is now scarring! - and i received hundreds of questions, all of which i could lamely reply, "i fell down the stairs." this experience has led to me to exercise extreme caution while traveling between floors.

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1 Response Apr 23, 2007

Even thinking about this makes me feel like hyperventilating. I am also terrified of climbing down stairs though up is OK. But how could you descend briskly in socks? You're a warrior. By the way, postsecret.com has two posts about this phobia, which made me realize that I'm not the only one!