I'm afraid of people. More specifically, of people talking to me & asking me questions or trying to socialize with me in any other way. It's been this way ever since I was a very young child & there is no cause for it, unlike some people think. I believe I was born this way. But I do believe that the taunting & ridicule & negative behavior I have recieved from people have certainly made it worse over the years.

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I'm the same way, but this developed after my fear of being touched got worse. Not around people, not being touched. Simple as that.

Thanks for your comment :) but being an introvert isn't my problem. I love being an introvert & I love the aspects of myself that are attributed to my introverted nature. But I have never been able to function in life due to my extreme fear of people. It has drastically affected my life very negatively & there are a lot of introverts in this world that have done amazing things with themselves, their lives, & their worlds. I truly wish I were a mere introvert, but that's not the case. I have agoraphobia, avoidant personality disorder & severe social anxiety & those things are a huge negative hindrance to my life.

I can understand some what. I am a very introverted person by nature, I wish I knew about introverts vs extraverts at a younger age because I used to think there was something wrong with me. I think you might also be an introvert and there is nothing wrong with that. 50% of people are introverts, they don't tell you this in school do they? <br />
I can understand how you've felt, in North America at least they value extravert behaviour and outgoingness over self-reflection. Especially in the US where the belief is if you're quiet and keep to yourself you are socially inept, which leads to a lot of bullying. <br />
Being an introvert does not mean that you hate people, are socially inept, or that there is something wrong about you. I would like you to read this article <br /> <br />
It may tell you things about yourself that you never realised were perfectly normal. Knowledge is power and I think you'll feel better about yourself after you've read it.<br />
I too have been ridiculed because of my "does not get involved" "stands by the wall" behaviour and at the time I thought there was something wrong with me too, but there isn't, it's just who I am and there's nothing wrong with me.<br />
I want you to know that you were born that way and that there is NOTHING wrong with it. I say screw those people who don't understand you! Introverted people tend to be more creative and thoughtful than others! You can be great in your own way! You won't be Miss/Mister Personality for the masses but you can be for your few close friends and family! <br />
I sincerely hope that I've helped in some way. Maybe you won't be so afraid of people who want to socialize with you once you've understood yourself better. People who won't wait for you to "warm up" aren't worth it. Remember, 50% of people are introverts, some more than others, there is going to be someone for you, there are going to be true friends out there. You can count me as one if you'd like.<br />
-fellow introvert GIB