My Phobia Is Cotton.....eeeww

I cringe at the site of cotton balls q-tips anything with  that dry  squeeky      feeling...makes me grit my teeth , clamp down my jaw and grrrrr....can't touch it see it. Wont take it out of a new bottle of asprin same feeling when someone uses a dry cloth on there tongue to moisten...
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Me too! I also hate styrofoam too icky. I especially hate the cotton that they pack into med and vitamin bottles. Thats the worst. I always dread opening a new bottle......

Oh god me too!<br />
<br />
Cotton (ugggh, the thought of someone taking a cotton ball and pulling it apart is making me all tense and dizzy!) and wool (Ever wear a wool hat, then rub your hand on the hat? The squeaky, awful noise it makes is unbearable.<br />
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I also hate velvet and foam padding (like the stuff you'd find in a couch cushion.) :( You're definitely not alone. It's horrible.

thanks , something so simple can cause huge reactions daughter has it too...

I have the very same cotton issue (Cotton balls, q-tips - basically any cotton ba<x>sed product made of loosely bound strands). It makes me cringe, makes my skin crawl. I clench and grind my teeth and my palms sweat a little. The sound it makes is just plain HORRIBLE and the way it feels to touch (And oh dear goodness, if it gets caught on my fingernail or a hang nail)... *shudder* It's a constant battle, arguing with doctors and dentists to explain why I refuse to let them use cotton. I've only ever met one person who had something similar, and it was the sound it made. Haha, I totally get you.

I totally get it! I also do not like touching cotton. I also do not like the sound of styrofoam- especially the floral kind. I don't like the texture of it at all it makes me cringe and gives me the chills. However I don't think it is a phobia, just something that I have an aversion to...

I dislike velvet. A lot, I fell like chill when I touch it or even when I see someone touching or rubbing it.<br />
Until very recently, I thought it was just me.<br />
It seems to be a very usual condition among autistic persons.<br />
It also seems that not all autists are just "locked inside".<br />
There are a lot of "functioning autists". This condition is called asperger, and one of the "symptopms" is, well, dislike for some textures.<br />
Asperger, as autism, is no curable, but is is clearly a condition you can live with<br />
By the way, it seems to be more common among very (genius) intelligent people.

Not liking cotton balls is hard for me to understand because I love them myself. I think we'd have to go into someone else's brain to figure it out. All my life since the time I was growing up I would never wash my hands without putting hand lotion on afterward. Still do it to this day. So I have lotion in my purse and lotion in every room in my home. My hands just don't feel right without lotion. I have run out of my purse lotion a few times when I'm out. It is torture till I find another bottle. My hands feel dry and it's like they are telling me, "get the lotion and hurry." Somehow they just need that nourishment, and I need it too. I never have to think about putting it on. It's automatic.

it is funny i laugh with everyone i tell... they think its the weirdest thing ever and do i laughing right along with them..

This is strange.... sum how funny... sorry to say that.. I feel for u. i wonder what this condition is called too

to the guy who made the second comment..geezes chill out...its not like i have a phobia towards my children or humans or food...i dont like cotton balls whats the big deal doesnt ruin my life cost money cost lives hurts anyone simple thing to accept compared to all the other things out there people would need to get off their but and do something about..dontcha think?

Wow! I completely GET what you are talking about!!!!! In all these years,i have only met one other person who feels this way.<br />
<br />
I cant stand cotton balls. Gives me goosebumps and Aghhhhhhhh! There is no way I would be able to squeeze it. I never buy it. Cotton pads you use to remove makeup is ok providing its not the fluffy cotton ball type.<br />
<br />
I wonder if there is a name for this condition?

You can offer advice to someone with a phobia but you are usually talking to the wind. If they really wanted to do something it would have happened long ago. It also seem that those with that and other problems hang onto them as if they were their last thread and if they let go they will die. In many cases psychiatric counseling takes ages and in some situations cements the problem. If you really want to get rid of the problem seek NLP help. That would mean you would have to let go of your claim to fame, get off your butt and do something.

Looks like you might need therapy to help with your phobia, similar to those who are scare of flying etc