Many people I know think I am immensely strange that I am terrified of butterflies.

My family think it is funny when I run screaming from one.

I dont exactly know why I am terrified of them, but i do remember it has something to do with my childhood.

An early memory that I just cant grasp.

I dont even like looking at pictures of them.

I think it is called Lepidopterophobia.

I am also absolutely terrified of spiders, which is not weird but it is still a phobia.
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I fear fire drills, balloons, elevators, and vomiting. Spiders scare the crap outta me! Butterflies aren't too bad until they get really close. Nails on chalkboard are horrible. Cotton near my ear makes me cry.

*giggles*<br />
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I am kinda strange ^^

yeah i knew a guy that was afraid of odd numbers - i found him odd LOL

for me it's odd numbers, scorepians, and hights. i was born that way. don't know why.

lol yes my defense mechanism is to pass out LOL. I am trying to get better at dealing with them as I now live by myself and there is no one here to save me. But I do kill them. Mainly cos alot of them are very poisonous here in Australia and i dont want to die LOL. I also have a little one and a bite from some of the spiders here could kill him quite easily.

i have never heard of a spider cricket - are they like a jumping spider?<br />
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A huntsman cant kill u - but they cant give a very painful bite. I was more freaked out by the size and hair on it. Not to mention it was under my pillow.

only a few weeks ago i was getting into bed. I picked up my pillow, which I dont normally do and underneath was a BIG BLACK huntsman!!! Under he pillow where I sleep!!! I almost passed out. All i could do was grab a boot and smash it to death, before passing out. Now I check my bed every night!!

thanks Carpediem8 & MissSass ^^ <br />
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I havent met anyone else who is afraid of B's either.<br />
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As for S's well I dont care how big or small they are, I am terrified. I cant even look at pics of S's without hyperventilating and feeling sick.

I have never heard of anyone else that is afraid of butterflies before ... but when it comes to spiders ... you are definately NOT alone :)