Your Going To Laugh Because Everyone Does When They Hear This One...

I have phobia on dogs! Any kind of dogs scare me! even little puppies!! After a while i get used to them then I'm not soo scare but they scare me soo much! I have no idea why! They just do! And no, I have never been bitten by a dog, or at least I dont recall to have ever been bitten by one. I would have had a scar but I don't so I dont know how to explain it! I literally jump, scream or get paralyzed when I see a dog, or even hear one. I run before one of the see me..I cant adopt a dog because my parents won't allow it, plus we are not allowed to have a dog in our home. Sooo thats my little secret for yah people!! :) Lol, Laugh all you want! hehe but thats my

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That's not uncommon at all! Plenty of people are afraid of dogs...

I finally moved on from my dog phobia :D

I wouldn't laugh at you for having this phobia. My mother is also afraid of dogs of any size. We had a dog for a while and the dog got off her leash and ran into the living room and jumped on my mother. She literally nearly had a heart attack. It wasn't funny and my dumb sisters were laughing about it. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Thank you :) I just haven't met someone in person who has the same phobia so everyone else giggles or chuckles when they hear that because I guess they are not used to it.

I know how you feel. I have an unusual phobia and sometimes people laugh at me for it. It's not funny. If they knew how much fear and how much anxiety I go through, they wouldn't.

I have a phobia of dogs jumping on me, but that's from a bad experience when I was little. This huge dog tried to jump on me and completely knocked me over and just stood on my shoulders licking my face until someone took him off.

Haha I will try to but my family nor the owner of the home allows pets in my house, lol thnx for your comment!!

I had the same fear years back, but my friend got me his beautiful dogs for me to keep for a few days ( of course he forced them at my door step and ran away lol) But then i realised dogs are just so so so beautiful. I love them today. No phobia, just love for them. Sad they are not with me anymore, but i still remember the first time i touched them with fear and they reciprocated that touch with unconditional love and forever.. :)<br />
I think you should spend some time with your friends pets, its a beautiful feeling, don't let it go for some fear. :)

Yes, we all have our oddities; it's very refreshing when it brings a smile with your share.<br />
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Those of us that love the fury ones, do value their unconditional love they give and the trust they place in us.<br />
<br />
For me it’s an honor to take care of my doggies. It sure is so great to go home at night to be greeted with such love.<br />
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Man’s hunting skills 17 thousand years ago improved so much more with the aid of their ancestors the wolf.<br />
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Thanks for your share.<br />
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Haha some of them are spams but I wanna hear then outt before I delete them all together

Spam post?? What is that?? And that hilarous Maggie! Haha

Tell me Mystik, when you found the truth, what will you do with? Tell other people? Create a religion? You see that people are either easily convinced or hard to convince. But do tell me the intentions you plan to do with tge truth? Better yet, tell us my dear, What is the Truth???

Haha that's soo cute Anachel! Haha wow Iridescent! <br />
<br />
Okay Mystik... I honestly do not care what you say. I am not here to prove what or who I am. That is stupid, I came here to help people. I came here to bring light and love to people. I did not come here to say I am blah blah. So you can't keeping saying things to me, you are not God so therefor I need not prove myself to you. I know who I and what I am but I know that that's not important. Whats truly important is for me to fulfill my "mission" requested to me. I will be honest, I do not know what my mission is but I do know one; that is to help people/environment no matter what. So you are really wasting your time with me. Thank you for giving me your attention. Again regardless of who I am or what I am; am I now human, that's why I have no need to find out who I am. The truth lies deep within us, but do you really think we are here to learn the truth?? Isn't finding the truth pointless because we remember what it is when we die? But then we are reincarnated because we did not do what we are really here for?? Have ever wondered that the hardest thing in life is to love oneself?? We get caught up with our lives we forget that. I honestly believe if everyone loved themselves for who they are; but TRULY love themselves then we would not be in chaos?? The only beings to have roam the earth and accomplish that are: Jesus, Guatama(Buddah), St. Germain, Francisco de Assisi, and more "saints" aka Ascended Masters. So you see my friend Mystik, finding out what the truth is not that important because the truth lies deep within you, but you must learn to truly love yourself, we all do, I do. Hopefully you take into consideration :)

^_^ Is it a phobia to want to be scared of balloons? ^_^<br />
<br />
I use to be scared of clowns, but at an early age I learned that if you hit them in the right spot you can make the clown cry and it was so funny at the time. I stopped being scared of clowns after that. ^_^<br />
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@Midnight: I shall look that show up, that would be an interesting thing to watch, I watched an episode of that a long time ago, but it was normal animals that they were scared of. But pickles!? O_O Man that is crazy in itself. I know of a person that is scared of rabbits but dang pickles!. ^_^<br />
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Mystik, you twist her words and actions. We have a group already in existence for these sort of discussions, and you are aware of that. If you wish, I would suggest to speak to her about this there or privately. I am not making an order of any least not purposefully. I am just making a suggestion.

Hahaah wow! okay thnx Midnight hour!!! :)

Really?? Haha, I think you can get rid of the fear for heights but for a dog? Lol thanks for confidence in me! Really appreciate it! Lol :)

You are really going to laugh at this one Aquax. I am afraid of heights lol. I feel that one day like the dogs it might change lol.

Haha I mean to say that, not be that... Sorry typo! :)

Hahaha thnx you guys! I deleted Mystiks coment because this is not the place to be that! It's a story about phobias not God, and no. I didn't actually really think about it. I'm also afraid of touching animals but I'm not afraid of them, I just get nervous. Lol one time I took out my litttke brother with a scooter down the street, I kinda wanted to have fun with him, anyway as I was pushing the scooter as kinda small dog came up to us. It actually had a long leash. Seeing it I became slightly alarm but the dog was paying attention to me. My brother got of the scooter and tried reaching down to pet the dog because he loves dogs but then the dog barked at him and scared us even more. So my brother tried scooting away and the dog bit my little brother in the quad(leg). I was soo scared I didn't know what to do I ran to my aunts house (that's where we were at the time being) to tell my parents my brotherhad been bitten. By the time any adult ran to the door my brother was already there crying. We were both really scared and young. The dog didn't do much to my brother because my brother had thick jeans on. <br />
<br />
<br />
Btw just because Dog spells God doesn't mean much. I am of Spanish decent and I call a dog perro in Spanish more than I say dog in English. Wow mystik.. Your something alright, asking people too add you, bashing people on their views and telling me what I am. Well good luck trying to keep doing that :) just remember, we all have free will, so RESPECT it. Btw, say anymore mean and negative comments and I will delete them like you deleted my comment on your story.<br />
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Btw l0ore I like your story! Thnx for sharing with me! :)

^_^ You should meet my friends small chihuahua, He likes to run up to the person, smell them for a second, make himself look adorable, and at the last possible minute try's to hump the person's leg. Cute little guy.

When I was little I was scared of big dogs. My neighbor had two doberman pinchers. Our front yard was the size of a football field and sometimes at the front double doors those two dogs would be there. I would open the door and they would be growling at me showing there teeth. It scared me. When I was older a teenager a friend had a dog like that too and it chased me all around the kitchen table growling showing teeth and I had to jump up on top of the table. But this is weird when I was walking homless in Hot springs I walked right up to a big dog chained to a tree he only had a bone to play with. That dog bowed down to me. I took him off the chain and played with him. Then the dog catcher came and had me leash the dog. The dog did not want to leave me he wrapped around a picnic table so hard with the leash and it was wrapped around my hand too. I had to choke the dog to get us loose. The dog never got mad about it at all. Then I was arrested for stealing a dog. Next I notice all the big dogs never even bark at me now. I walked right through a chainlink fence with a rotwaller and pitbull inside and knocked on a stangers door. The dogs never even barked. This was at night. I was arrested after this one too. A cop pulled up and asked me my name as I was walking back down the gravel road right after that stanger would not let me in his house when I asked to get out of the cold for just a minute. This is when I told the cop my name was Doreen Van Assen. I went to jail for using wrong name. Then someone tried to kill me while in jail. Then went to court. Then the judge said I could use the name Doreen Van Assen anytime I want to. I love dogs now and am not scared.

Hahaha I know I should be worried but I'm I'm also nervous laughing, I swear..even a small chihuahua scares me!!! :(<br />
<br />
Lol I laugh at myself as well :) lol It is weird.

hahah I know! lol my best friends tease me like that as well! lol I'm used to it :)


Nah, he is just showing that he is a good friend :D lol


^_^ Very cute! I should tell a poodle or a weiner dog to go and greet you. ^_^ hehe.