I Really Really Really Hate Factories

Ever since I can remember I never like driving by anything like a factory or walking by a boiler room or things with loud gritty machinery. I cannot take it. If I come in close contact with anything of the sort I flip out. My worse fear is being alone in one of those big factories with the smoke coming out. I'm fairly confident I would die a thousand deaths
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i have this phobia too, Ammonia producing plants
scare me the worst i will never ever go near these large things ever! if i see one Ammonia factories make me have panic attacks, i remember i was driving near an Ammonia plant the smell was so acrid i look on my rear view mirror and scream, these eerie looking factories give me the creeps yikes of s**t!

i have this similar phobia like i hate Ammonia factories,
i will never ever go near an chemical plant or i will
flip out and pass out, the smoke coming out of an Ammonia plant make's me have panic attacks i also have nightmares about these scary dangerous smelly things,
this plants are the worst nightmare machinery ever!

Same here! I just cannot take it. I cannot see them or hear them, no matter if it's by images or seeing them personally. It freaks me out completely! In a fact, everytime my class used to go to visit factories or anything like that, I BEGGED my mom to tell I was ill that day.
It feels so good to see that you're not the only one in the world :P

OMG! I have the same phobia! My partner told me to research it to see if someone else had it or its a known thing. I thought I am the only person in the world. It sounds bad but I feel happy knowing that there is someone else like me...<br />
Have you researched it? <br />
Thanks, Maya

I haven't yet. I didn't know it was thing I always thought I was just weird.

That's what my boyfriend says hehe. He took me for a walk once and we had to go past a few factories. He thought I am being silly about it and decided to test me. We were walking on a road and I wasnt looking on those factory things purposely, just knowing that they are there made me sick. And then he told me-"oh look at this one here" as a joke, so I turned my head and saw a massive electrical mixes with god knows what with a boiler room etc, so I just collapsed on the road and start crying. I never cry and in general a very reasonable person. He was shocked from my reaction... It is some kind of phobia. We Do have a phobia of some kind of phobia. We are like those people that are scared of grapes or ice.. It's pretty strange and unusual but still think it's great to have another person that has it :)