Throat Swabs From The Doctor. Very Embarassing

When you step into the clinic, you get that scary feeling and that smell. You're surrounded by other people who are sick. So imagine how dirty the air or atmosphere must be where you're in a room breathing with other sick people.

When I was younger, I used to have strep throat on and off. I do not know why. By the time I was a teenager, I got Tonsillitis. I remember as a kid, my dad took me to a pediatrician. I fought my hardest to avoid having that stick being shoved down my throat and the moment it was over, I gagged and thew up into the sink. I'd rather have four shots in my butt then to get a swab.

The next episode was when I probably had strep throat again. I went to a different doctor and he tried the swab me. The moment I felt that stick was getting too far back, I jerked away and the doctor took what he had and tested it. My mom was waiting with me in the room when she said she heard the doctor say "negative". This time a team of nurses came in, held me down flat on my back on the bed and stuck that stick down at my throat. I had begged my mother to tell them to let me go and she did nothing. I was mad as hell while crying when they took control of MY body. I did not care how young I was. I did not care how dangerously sick I was. I felt like my freedom and rights were taken away that day.

Somehow I ended up back at this same doctor again. This time I ran out of the room in attempt to flee into the waiting room. My mother was very infuriated becuase I embarrassed her in front of everyone. She was not very comforting at all and what was worse was that my dad whipped me for it when I got home.

My last episode happened when I was 16. My mom took me to the doctor as I cried on the way there. Long story short, the doctor could not get a swab, so he did something he was not really supposed to do. He prescribed some pills for me that were like an overall pill that treated for strep throat and tonsillitis and possibly other things. I came home, I tried to sleep and the next thing I knew, My dad was banging on my door as hard as a tornado.I mean imagine God coming down and just yelling you to where your bones shiver. That's how it was. I opened the door as he screamed at me!!! Embarrassing me in front of my sister, mother and uncle. He shouted at me telling me that what I had can kill me if I do not let the doctors treat me. I was so mad at both my parents that I did not bother to speak to them for a few days. I did not even want to get up and eat. I just wanted to stay away from them. I knew I was in the wrong, but how the freaking hell do you get around something you really fear? How can you blame a person?

I am 25 years old now and I have not had any major throat sickness. The only things I have had on and off are colds and sore throats. I make sure to wash my hands before I eat. I try not to touch my eyes or anything during the public. If someone coughs or sneezes by me, I try to hold my breath until I pass them. Being sick really scares me becuase it won't go away unless you treat it but HOW you treat it scares me. I am scared that I may develop strep throat again becuase I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do if I do get it. My dad got strep throat like a few years ago and I did not leave my room or ate anything without washing my hands when he had it.

It just seems like in this day and age, doctors would find another way to contain the bacteria easier than to gag a person. Why does it have to touch the back of my throat? Why not the sides of my mouth? Or my tongue? Why can't I spit on the stick or cough on the stick to get them to test the bacteria that way? I have always had a phobia dealing with anything that had to do with the mouth, whether it was going to the dentist, swallowing a pill, or choking. I do not know how to get around this scare. I supposed I could pray to God to help me to get rid of this fear. But the good thing about being older is the fact that my parents won't have to take me to places. SO, If I reject a swab, my parents won't be there to see it.
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26-30, F
May 5, 2012