Petrified Of Crane Flies

No real idea why - love butterflies, not bad around spiders (well the small ones), ok with moths but crane flies in the same house as me and I am a complete mess. I certainly can't go into the same room as one even if it isn't flying, I struggle to look at pictures of them and dread the time of year when they begin to emerge... I'm ok with them if I am outside in that I can easily run a safe distance away but really struggle with the idea of being trapped with one. it has been suggested that this phobia is a symptom of childhood abuse but I reckon it's just the natural fear of spiders amplified by the fact that these ones can fly.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Wow I'm a total nervous wreck around daddy long legs, as soon as I see one I get the "fight or flight" simulation, as if someone's got a gun in my face. Mad init