One More - Moths

MOTHS ARE DISGUSTING. If there is a moth nearby, I will not look away from it until it flies away or someone kills it. I hate going by lights at night because moths SWARM around them like the dumbest creatures on Earth. First of all, they're FURRY and that grosses me out completely...and secondly, have you ever looked at one close-up? They are the ugliest creatures ever. Their big beady eyes, their antennae, their legs, their wings that disintegrate when touched, their thick juicy bodies!!! BLEH! I was in Arizona once and saw a moth as big as a bird, sitting on this brick building at a rest area. I about died. I had to pee so bad but I wouldn't go near that thing because I was afraid it was going to fly right at me as soon as I got near it.
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

It's understandable. I always thought moths were kind of pretty the way they fluttered but I have recently shysters away from them ever since I tried to cup one GENTLY in my hands and it's wings just turned to dust... Wtfrick??! Ugh! Scared me so bad.

I used to be afraid of moths, but as I grew older, the fear receded, and I don't mind them at all now. Then again, I don't live in a country with giant hairy ones waiting to tangle themselves in my hair - maybe I'd still have the phobia in that case :-)

I totally understand you. Either moths or butterflies scares the hell out of me. I will cry, yell, run, leave the room, but never stay in the same room as them. I can cry of just talking about it.