Balloons Are Terrifying

When I was little a balloon popped in my hands and some how a piece of the demon bubble scratched my hand pretty badly. Now I am absolutely terrified of regular balloons popping. As a kid I could not play games that involved popping balloons and I still can't! If a balloon pops near me I WILL embarrass myself and freak out...
deadlyeggroll deadlyeggroll
18-21, F
3 Responses May 18, 2012

Balloons are terrifying , especially when you have to blow so many up for a party, hearing them pop , pop , pop , children crying and then have nightmares over it afterwards . NOT FUN . i do agree with you 100 percent .

OMG I'm not alone. I hate balloons too and I'm so paranoid when i see them around me.

I've always been afraid of balloons, so it seems quite normal to me. The phobia, like all my others, has lessened as I've aged; I can now sit in the same room as a balloon (or a number of them) without panicking. I have no idea what caused the fear, nobody else in the family has it.