My Tickle Fear, Please Help

Ok, i posted in this group that i had a strange tickling phobia. I absolutely hate watching tickling in a cartoon tickle torture, or any tickling in cartoons for that matter. I have no idea why, but i hate it. I panic and have anxiety when i know it is in a series. I don't know what to do and I'm afraid it will ruin me. I want to be able to watch tv shows with my future kids someday and i feel trapped. so please, if anybody has any idea how to calm my anxiety or help me hide it a little better, I will be totally open to it.
Please and thank you :)
OnyxVioletSky OnyxVioletSky
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4 Responses Jul 23, 2012

Sounds like something a good listening ear should be able to help some with. I have two- wanna give me a try? :-)

I know how you feel.Because of my tickle fetish even if I hear the word tickle around family members I get a wierd feeling in my stomach and try to change the subject

my exact feeling....

Imagine being tied up and tickled by a gang of cartoon characters?

Not many cartoons have tickling scenes in them so you should be relatively safe! Also when they do they are quite brief so hopefully you won't have enough time to panic. The scene will be over before your anxiety over it settles in.