I'm Afraid Of Bagpipes.


There's just something about the wau they lie there, lumpy and furry with tubes sticking out of it. I'm getting creeped out just thinking about it.

I'm also deathly afraid of all types of physical diseases, even though mental diseases fascinate me and I study them obsessively.

Washing the dishes makes me nervous.

Anything with more than four legs I don't want near me, but that isn't very strange. However, I think it may explain my fear of bagpipes, because they resemble spiders.

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MissMonochrome MissMonochrome
13-15, F
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

wow ur basically like me!!

Gosh you do have a lot of phobias,maybe confronting your fears may be the best thing for you.Best of luck and thank you for sharing your story. :-)