False human forms; i am unnerved by pictures and video of them, but a real encounter with one has me out of control.
Im talking Barney type costumes, here. Mascots, large puppets, clowns, and some halloween costumes freak me out to. And a note: I dont mean, I find them creepy. I mean that my mom had her friend come to my house in a Frank costume (donnie darko Frank) and corner me in my room, and I was about to stab him with a pie-slice spatula. The thought of being touched by some Fake is enough to make me paranoid. Im watching my bedroom door as I type this.
Any time I am near something like this, I feel extremely panicky, I scream hysterically, cry, laugh, and in general, lose control. Its awwweful how not-myself I can get. Halloween is a nightmare. So is Spirit Week at school.

I have no doubt that given the right circumstance, I could seriously injure someone in a costume.
Psychosquid Psychosquid
Jan 6, 2013