My Phobia's

Aichmophobia / Trypanophobia: ... needles and other pointed objects/ injections, went to the doctor's office...and...just no, I hate needles. Using mechanical pencils, is O.k. with me, just as long as there is little to no lead showing.

Athazagoraphobia: ... being forgotten or ignored, I remember being left outside of my house for 5 hours, while my family was inside the house..

Atychiphobia: ... failure,...Ugh! I don't even want to think about it...

Claustrophobia: ... confined spaces, the halls at my school get so crowded and there are sooo many people. The halls get smaller and smaller in my eyes..

Lockiophobia: ... childbirth, seen a video..and that was enough.

Ranidaphobia: ... frogs, *shudder* Bad memory.

Scotomaphobia: ... blindness, When I was younger my cousin played a trick on me, which lead me to become blind for a day.
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I'd have to agree with that first one. Got all kinds of shots when I was young to see what I was allergic to...grasses and dustmites...that pretty much covers inside and out! I have to look the other way or close my eyes before it goes in anyone in the room.

Yeah! Same here! :/

Have you ever considered going to a counselor to help with these phobias? Having these phobias probably prevent you from having a full-filling life. Try to find a local psychologist/psychiatrist to help find the root of the problems of why you are having these phobias.

I ave considered..but I trying to find ways to get rid of them myself, I want to see if I am able to be strong enough to fix it. If not then I will definitely go to a psychologist/psychiatrist :)