Blood Phobia.

As apart of trying to ease this fear I am no longer allowing myself to "bleep" out the word blood.  I will type it and look at it.  Unfortunately, my phobia isn't something like, "Oh no!  I just saw a spider, HONEYYYYYY!"

I wish it were that simple.  I can hardly leave my room all day out of fear.  I am afraid to touch paper and books, even.  If I think I am bleeding, I have a panic attack.  If I am bleeding, then it is hell.  I have to lay down to prevent fainting.  I go through about one hour of sheer terror each time. 

I was already agoraphobic, but doing good with it.  Now, I can't leave the house AT ALL because I fear I'll get cut while I'm at and won't have anywhere to go calm down at.  Christmas is in two weeks and I'm freaking out bad because I've got to load these bikes I bought my brotheres and sister and take them to their house.  Then, I've got to spend the night there.  If I have an "incident" I have no where to go breathe and get calm.

Both of my phobias: Agoraphobia and Hemophobia, are from my fear of fainting.  Whatever that is called.  Basically, I have had some traumatic fainting experiences in public, and at home.  Either due to bleeding, or sometimes for no reason at all.  So, my life is controlled by phobias that won't go away.  I can't even eat because I know from past experience that if I bleed right after eating, I have fainted.  So I try not to eat.

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'm sorry that you are experiencing a fear of blood. blood brings nutrients to our organs, keeps us healthy, alive and able to function. perhaps you could add those concepts to your thinking and feel gratitude for all that it does. good luck.....wishing you success overcoming this!

I have blood phobia too.. I always wanted to donate blood, i just want to pass out thinking about my own blood sloshing around in the bag... i wonder what i can do to help myself. but if i see other people's blood it's quite alright

Thank you, this makes a lot of sense. I know that blood usually means trouble, so it is a natural reaction.

When you freak out, your body does sort of what it does when you get cold or cut yourself. This is called hypoperfusion. Your body pulls blood from extremities to keep your vital organs alive. Sometimes fear can trigger this automatic response, your body just does it to protect you. I am not an expert on these things. But that gives you a brief on how the system works. Get the fear nailed, and your body will respond differently.<br />
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I bet you have a fear, you body compensates for your fear, and that causes you to have more fear like a vicious circle.<br />
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And it does so right under your nose. It's natural not to want to see blood, We are meant to live, not die Lol otherwise we wouldn't be here and would live shorter and shorter.<br />
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Blood is vitality. I prefer to keep wounds clean and I hate shots and blood withdrawals. I have my own views and affinities for blood. So you are not alone. Ugh... just talking about it makes me squirm.