Odd Fears

Oh, my... where do i start....

ok, well i have had a fear of skeletons all my life, but recently it has gotten much better. At one point it was so bad that even  a cartoon skull would leave me in tears. also, those skeletons in science class rooms. ugh.. those creep me out SO much! and I'm totally not afraid of animal skeletons, just human.

small spiders. this one if weird because i LOVE big spiders! they are sooo cool! if i went to some animal thing and they let me hold one of those tarantulas that are five or six inches, i WOULD NOT be able to say no! i've always wanted to hold a big tarantula! but its the little spiders that get me. those evil little yellow/brown things... they can sneak just about anywhere. its making my whole body itching just thinking about it... :c(

those little black flys that fly around in the air above grass in huge groups. GOD,  I HATE THOSE!!! BANISH THEM!!!  >:c(  when i walk through them, i just start to freak out! i Wave my arms and scream and then clamp my mouth shut and run and cry. i dont usually open my mouth for a while.*shudders*

I also still have one very loose baby tooth. I do not want to lose this tooth. I have a horrible fear of the pain that will come. I do not want to have this pain. that tooth will probably be there for a while.

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

The one about you not liking small spiders but loving huge ones is SUPER weird. My fear increases proportionally with size. I think the baby tooth will fall out by itself. It's not so bad.Very young children deal with losing loads of them no problem, so you can handle it with ease :) I admit that black flies are pretty disgusting. Maybe you shouldn't be walking through big swarms of them. Where do you live anyway? Swarms of flies are quite oncommon here in Denmark. I've seen one. It was an old box of "predator flies" designed to eat other flies before they hatch that my dad had forgotten about. It was just lying in the sun behind a shed and one day ten years later they hatched one sunny afternoon. We thought it was a huga swarm of wasps or something. You could hear their collective deep humming sound all over the place.<br />
Skeleton one must have something to do with something you've experienced in the past. I would suggest playing a classic old adventure game for the PC called Grim Fandango. The main character is a skeleton, but he only sorta looks like one. It's very cartoony visuals and his head shape is more rectangular than round. Maybe that would make you a bit more relaxed around skeletons.