Bingo Is A Vicious Game.. We Made Bingo A Conspiracy.. Shhhhh Don't Tell Anyone Ok?

I have an inate fear of bingo callers.. and bingo games.

I think they have the most monotone voices and they are trying to kill me of boredom, that is the whole point of bingo and I know it.


Old people really like their bingo, let me tell you. I've learned not to talk too loudly or someones' grandma might come and beat me with her cane. :S


I swear I'm going to get nightmares of being "B13"ed to death :/


bingo caller comes around and starts calling out numbers stand clear of the door so I can get out or I'll O66 your a**


I swear we need to come up with more bingo number codes so more people have no idea what we're talking about *snickers*

"I25" <-- who me? never! :O


no how about "N32" :P that might be the distraction we need to

err "B1" *shifty eyes*


no we're not plotting to take over the world.

wack1985 wack1985
31-35, F
Apr 10, 2010